Atmor Water Heater Troubleshooting [Complete Guide]

This is a complete guide on Atmor Water Heater Troubleshooting. 

From this article, what you are going to learn: 

  • 6 common problems with the Atmor water heater you will go through
  • The solution to those issues
  • The maintenance tips you must follow to avoid the possible water heater problems

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Atmor Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

Here are the common problems of your Atmor water heater: 

  • Insufficient hot water
  • Water too hot
  • Heater switch off during use
  • Water ceases to flow
  • Water temperature varies
  • No hot water despite a fully open hot water faucet

Below, I will break down each of those problems. 

Water Not Hot Enough

A tankless water heater, whether it comes from Atmor or other brands, won’t deliver sufficient hot water if: 

  • You may select the lower temperature setting.
  • The flow rate is too high.
  • Water pressure below 1.0bar
  • Electrical malfunction

How To Fix: 

At the first step of troubleshooting, look at the temperature knob to see where you set it. Ensure you turn it to the higher temperature setting to get hot water out of the unit. 

Secondly, a decrease in the ambient temperature will also occur if the flow rate is higher than the physical heating capacity of the unit. Regarding this, just reduce the flow rate at the faucet to resolve the issue. 

Thirdly, verify the water pressure you get is not below the recommended level. If needed, increase the water pressure.

For electrical malfunction, I highly suggest you call a certified electrician to inspect the heater unit on your behalf. 

Water Too Hot

Scalding hot water, by all means, is not acceptable as it will burn the skin or even cause death. If you get too hot water out of your Atmor water heater, I bet: 

  • You set the temperature to the highest setting
  • Insufficient water is flowing through the unit.

How To Fix:

As per safety and getting the comfort of hot water, you should set the temperature knob to your desired temperature setting. 

Next, verify enough water is flowing through the water heater. If needed, increase the flow rate via the outlet tap. 

Heater Switch Off During Use

Interruption of the main electrical supply is the main caveat behind this issue. I recommend you inspect the incoming power supply, MCB, switches, and the power cables. 

Earth leakage can also cause the heater switch to turn off. So, check earth leakage and reset the ELSD if it gets tripped. 

But the best bait is to call a certified electrician to resolve the heater switch off problem.

Water Ceases To Flow

Water doesn’t flow through the unit trouble-freely! Then, either the spray head or the flexible shower hose can be the culprit. If the spray head gets clogged, water won’t flow flawlessly. 

Similarly, a twisted shower hose or blockage in the flexible shower hose causes the water to not flow through the unit. 

Besides, no water will flow through the water heater if the stop-valve is in the close position. 

How To Fix: 

Begin with checking the spray head. If the spray head gets blocked, release the blockage or replace the spray head. 

Next, inspect the flexible shower hose to see whether it gets twisted or blocked. If the hose is bent, straighten it up. Otherwise, you should replace the shower hose if needed. 

Finally, ensure you turn the stop valve to the open position to let the water flow through it. 

Water Temperature Varies

Water temperature changes from hot to cold during use! Then, the only culprit I blame the most is the dropped water pressure. 

Yes, when the water pressure has dropped below the minimum below, you will observe the changes in water temperature. 

How To Fix: 

The only way you can tackle the shifting of water temperature is by increasing the hot water supply.

No Hot Water Despite A Fully Open Hot Water Faucet

No electric power is the main reason that causes the water heater to produce no hot water though you fully open the hot water faucet. 

If you are not handy, don’t try to fix this issue. It would be best if you call a qualified electrician to deal with the electrical problem.

Maintenance Tips of Atmor Water heater

Your Atmor tankless water heater requires regular maintenance to operate the unit flawlessly for years to come. 

Maintain the following workflow if you want to keep the Atmor water heater functional:

Test the ELSD regularly:

A user should test the ELSD knob every month. Follow the below steps to learn how to test the ELSD on Atmor Water Heater: 

  • Turn on both the electricity and the water supply to the water heater. You can find the ELSD led to light up. If you set the temperature knob to the On position, the red heater lamp will also light. 
  • Press the ELSD knob on the water heater, which will shut the ELSD and heater lamp off. 
  • Press the reset button to resume the electricity supply. 

If the ELSD or the heater lamp won’t go off when you press the ELSD knob, the ELSD is at fault. In this case, you should turn off the unit right off the bat. Then, call the customer service for help. Never try to fix the unit by yourself. 

Clean the filter:

Turn the filter anti-clockwise and remove it from the unit. Then, rinse the filter to remove any trapped sediments from the filter. Once you clean the filter, reinsert it and secure it by turning the filter clockwise. 

Fitting and cleaning the shower head:

Go along with the following steps to clean the shower head:

  • Attach the two end brackets to Rod.
  • Place the brackets with the rod onto the wall and mark the position on the two screw holes. 
  • Use the wall plugs and screws provided with to fit the end brackets, holder, and rod onto the wall. 
  • Fit the flexible hose to the shower head. 
  • Attach the flexible hose with the shower head to the heater using the rubber sealing washer.
  • Put the showe head in the holder.
  • Now, the water heater is ready to attach to the electric supply. 


How to reset Atmor Water Heater?

Locate the Atomo water heater reset button on the unit. Then, press the reset button, which will reset your Atmor water heater successfully. 

Why is my Atmor water heater not working?

Your Atmor water heater won’t work due to the following reasons: 

  • No electric power is supplied to the unit
  • Insufficient water is flowing through the unit
  • Water pressure gets dropped 
  • Too low or too high flow rate 
  • Malfunctioning PCB

Why does my hot water heater keep turning off?

This is why your hot water heater keep turning off:

  • Electrical short in the breaker
  • Malfunctioning thermostat or heating coil
  • Bad heating element
  • A tripped reset button


A malfunctioning water heater is not expectable in the ice-cold days of winter. But appliances like Atmor water heaters are not beyond the problem. Anytime, your Atmor tankless water starts malfunctioning. 

And throughout this guide on Atmor Water Heater Troubleshooting, I broke down all the common problems of this unit. So, follow the troubleshooting tips I recommended to tackle those issues and get hot water to comfort the day. 

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