Complex Water Heater Won't Ignite

Camplux Water Heater Won’t Ignite [4 Quick Fixes]

What happens if the Camplux water heater won’t ignite? Yes, I  can feel your frustration as well as the discomfort you are going through. It really makes life difficult as you can’t take a warm rinse after a swim in your pool or washes your dishes when out camping. 

Today, I will discuss behind the scenes of your frustration and what steps you should take if the Camplux water heater is not working. 

Generally, you can’t ignite your Camplux water heater if the polarities of the battery are not positioned correctly. Therefore, too low water pressure, clogged water inlet and filter, and incorrect piping are other culprits that prevent the unit from igniting. 

I will break down each of these issues. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the solutions. 

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Camplux Water Heater Won’t Ignite [4 Easy Solutions]

Let’s figure out every reason that prevents the portable water heater from functioning properly. 

01. Polarity of the Batteries Are Positioned Incorrectly

Camplux Portable Water Heater is powered by batteries. If you install the batteries incorrectly, the unit gets no power from the battery. For example, you may install the batteries by positioning the polarity of them wrongly. 

How To Fix: 

Ensure you position the polarity of the batteries correctly and install them. You should install two ‘D’ cell batteries in the battery box, which you can find on the bottom of the unit. The following picture shows you the right way of installing the batteries in the appliance: 

The correct way to install batteries

02. Inlet Pipes Aren’t Connected Correctly

One common water heater issue that can throw a wrench into work is connecting the inlet pipes wrongly. For example, you can never bring life to your water heater or ignite it if you attach the water inlet line to the water outlet line or the inlet lines get reversed. 

How To Fix: 

You know Camplux water heater has three lines. They are: 

  • Gas inlet
  • Water outlet
  • Water inlet
Camplux water heater inlet pipings

Ensure you attach the garden hose adapter to the fitting marked ‘Water Inlet’. Don’t forget to use a Teflon tape on the threads for a secure and water tight fit. 

Then, install the gas supply line and the regulator to the portable tankless water heater. 

Finally, it’s time to attach the shower head. You should connect it to the fitting marked ‘Water Outlet’. Make sure you don’t over tighten it. 

03. Too Low Water Pressure

The portable tankless water heater will be inoperable without sufficient water pressure. However, the manual of the Camplux water heater claims low water pressure is not a real problem. 

How To Fix: 

You don’t need to take any corrective actions as it’s not an actual problem according to the manual. So, what you want to do is- operate and use the water heater later when pressure becomes higher. Ensure the water pressure you get should be between 2.5 to 3.6 PSI. 

04. Water Inlet And Filter Gets Clogged

Restricted water inlet and filter can be another caveat for a malfunctioning water heater. Generally, a water inlet pipe gets blocked by dirt, debris, or epoxy. Similarly, dirt and scale buildup cause the filter screen to get clogged. 

How To Fix: 

Start with examining the filter screen on the water inlet pipe. Verify there is no dirt or debris buildup on the filter. If yes, pull it out and bring it to your sink to wash the dirt away.  

Next, inspect the water inlet pipe for a blockage. You can comfortably remove the restriction out of the water inlet pipe by back flushing. Just reverse the connection and attach the water source to the water outlet side. Then, back flush the system to flush away the blockage. 

How Do You Turn On Camplux Water Heater?

Go along with the following steps to turn on your Camplux portable tankless water heater: 

  • Turn the incoming water supply on and ensure there is adequate water pressure.
  • Set the water output device to the Off position. 
  • Turn on the gas supply valve on the cylinder all the way open. 
  • Set the water knob to its highest setting. You can find this knob on the front of your portable tankless water heater. 
  • Ensure you set the gas knob to its minimum setting. 
  • Now, it’s time to turn the water output device to the on position and adjust the desired water flow. 
  • In this stage, you can hear a series of audible clicks and the burner will igniter. 
  • After completion of water heater usage, open the drain valve to drain water. 
  • Finally, turn the gas supply off. 


Camplux water heaters make outdoor life like camping enjoyable and comfortable. But the comfortable situation may turn into discomfort if the unit won’t ignite. 

Luckily, I broke down each culprit that prevents the water heater from working. So, follow the steps I mentioned as a remedy. 

If the issue still persists and our guideline brings no luck for you, call the Camplux Technical Support Team for help. 

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