Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Codes

This is a complete guide on Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Codes. In this article, what I am going to cover:

  • What does the status light on mean on a water heater?
  • 8 Common Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Blinking Codes
  • How to reset the Honeywell Gas Water Heater?

So, let’s get started right here. 

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What Does the Status Light Mean on A Water Heater?

The status light on a water heater means either the unit is operating normally or it’s malfunctioning. 

Actually, it depends on how many times the status light is blinking. If the status light is flashing 1 time every 3 seconds, understand the water heater is functioning correctly. 

On the other hand, know the water heater is not working properly if the status light is blinking two or more times every 3 seconds. 

In the next chapter, I will break down everything about the Honeywell Gas Control Valve Status Light Code. 

Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Codes [Explained Everything]

This chapter will disclose every blinking status light code on a water heater with Honeywell Gas Control Valve. 

Honeywell Water Heater 1 Flashes

Status light flashing 1 time every three seconds indicates the normal operation of your Honeywell Water Heater. On the other hand, if the status light blinks intermittently for a time every 3 seconds, understand the unit is calling for heat under normal operation. 

How To Fix: 

As I mentioned earlier, status light blinking 1 time every 3 seconds is normal. In other words, you don’t need to take any corrective actions. What more you can do is- just turn the temperature knob to your desired temperature setting. 

Keep in mind; the LED will continue to blink 1 time every 3 seconds when the unit is in the idle mode. 

Honeywell Water Heater 2 Flashes

If the Status light blinks two times consecutively every 3 seconds, it’s because of either low thermopile voltage or you forget to turn on the main valve. 

How To Fix: 

First off, make sure you turn on the main gas valve. If not, just turn the main gas control valve counterclockwise to let the gas flow. 

Next, go forward to check the thermopile if the gas valve remains in the on position. To test the thermopile voltage, pull out the bottom access cover from the unit. Then, get a multimeter and set it to the volts DC option. 

Testing the thermopile on Honeywell Water Heater

Afterward, disconnect the two wire connectors that lead into the control valve. Now, connect the probes to each connector. Next, relight the pilot and hold down the igniter button. You can see the voltage starts rising over the next few minutes as the thermopile heats up. 

A healthy or functional thermopile voltage should read between 650 to 850 millivolts. If the reading goes out of range, you must replace the thermopile.  

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 3 Times

Number of malfunctioning parts of the unit are to blame if the LED is blinking 3 times every 3 seconds. Some of them include: blocked exhaust piping, a clog in the condensate drainage system, and a bad draft pressure switch.  

How To Fix: 

Start with inspecting the exhaust piping for blockage. I recommend you detach each section of the exhaust pipe to see whether there is any clog or not. If yes, you can use a vent cleaning brush to release the blockage from there. 

Next, check the condensate drain. If the tube gets restricted, you must clean it so that condensation can easily drain through it. 

Lastly, inspect the draft pressure switch by a professional. I suggest you contact a certified technician to test the draft pressure switch as it requires involvement with electrical components. 

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 4 Times

Honeywell gas control valve flashing 4 times

4 consecutive flashes every three seconds of the status light indicates your water heater goes into the ‘High Temperature Shutdown’ mode. 

Keep in mind; you won’t find the status light to blink if the unit goes into the ‘High Temperature Shutdown’ status. It’s because the pilot light goes out, which causes the unit to not produce enough flame it requires to operate the thermopile. 

Consequently, your water heater activates the High Temperature Shutdown mod and produces no hot water. 

How To Fix: 

Go along with the following steps to fix this blinking issue: 

  • Turn the temperature control knob to Off for 5-10 minutes. It lets the unburned gas clear out. 
  • After that, set the temperature control knob to the Pilot position and keep depressing the piezo igniter button while holding down the temp knob. 
  • As you continuously keep pressing the igniter button, you can find the status light blinks 4 times every three seconds. 
  • Now, turn the temperature control knob to the Very Hot position right off the bat. Then, count from 1 to 10. 
  • Then, set the temp control knob to the Hot position and start counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. 10. 
  • Afterward, set the temperature knob to the Pilot position and count another 10 seconds. 
  • Finally, turn the temp knob to your desired temperature setting. You can see the pilot light come on and it ignites the burner. 

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 5 Times

The status light on Honeywell Gas Valve makes a 4-consecutive flash every 3 seconds due to a failed temperature sensor. 

Culprits like overheating or wiring issues are to blame first if the temperature sensor goes bad. To fix this water heater problem, you must replace the sensor. 

How To Fix: 

Testing the water temperature sensor electrically will help you figure out whether the sensor is at fault or not. 

To test the temperature sensor, turn the gas supply off to the unit and disassemble the gas control valve.  Once you remove the gas control valve, you can see the temperature sensor attached to the backplate of the unit. 

Now, get a multimeter and set it to Ohms. Next, attach the probes, especially the multimeter with pin probes to the center hole and the other one to the outside hole. 

Note the resistance of the sensor and measure the water temperature. What you need to do now is- compare the resistance output with the expected resistance at different temperatures mentioned in the manual. 

If the reading is not okay, the temperature sensor is at fault. In this case, you must replace the sensor to resolve the blinking issue. 

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 6 Times

If the status light on Honeywell Gas Control Valve is blinking 6 times, understand there is a leak detected on the tank by the accessory module. Turns out, the 6-consecutive flash every 3 seconds indicates the burner is at fault. 

How To Fix: 

First off, check the tanke of the water heater to find a leak. If you find a leak, fix it. In most cases, you need to replace the entire unit if water is leaking out of the tank. 

Next, inspect the burner and replace it if needed. Before replacing the burner, I highly recommend you to clean the burner. Just turn off the unit and remove the bottom access panel by unscrewing the four nuts. 

Ensure you detach everything that leads into the gas control valve. Next, remove the burner from the unit. Now, use a vacuum cleaner attached with an extension. Then, clean the burner by blowing away every speck of dirt. Don’t forget to clean the air intake screens as well. 

Cleaning the burner will fix the blinking issue 99%, I bet it. 

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 7 Times

Status light code ‘7 consecutive flash every 3 seconds’ indicates a failure of electronics. Mainly, this blinking status light code will occur if the gas control valve is at fault. You can easily reset this blinking code by repairing the electric issues or replacing the gas valve. 

How To Fix: 

Check every wire connection of the unit. In this case, it will be better if you hire a certified electrician to let him deal with electricals. 

If the wiring is okay, you should inspect and replace the gas control valve. To replace the gas valve, follow the steps described below: 

  • Turn off the unit by setting the gas valve to the off position. 
  • Shut down the water supply to the unit. 
  • Drain the unit. 
  • Detach every connection that leads into the gas control valve and remove the burner.
  • Then, remove the gas control valve from the unit and install a new one. 
  • Once you install a new gas control valve, check it for a possible leak. If you find no leaks, refill the unit with water. Ensure you put everything back into its place.
  • Finally, relight the pilot to turn on the unit. 

Honeywell Water Heater 8 Flashes

If the status light on Honeywell Gas Control Valve flashes 8 times, I bet the flammable vapor sensor is at fault.  

Several reasons are responsible for a defective flammable vapor sensor. They are: 

  • The resistance of the FVS goes out of range
  • Wiring to the FVS sensor goes bad
  • Defective Gas Control 

Fortunately, I broke down these three culprits in this article on Rheem Water Heater 8 Flashes Then 1. So, check that article out to fix this blinking issue. 

How Do I Reset My Honeywell Gas Water Heater?

Resetting the Honeywell Gas Water Heater is just a piece of cake. Just relight the pilot by following the steps described in the manual. Once the pilot light comes on, turn the temperature control knob to Very Hot position and count 10 seconds. 

Then, set the temperature control knob to the Hot position and count 1-10 seconds. Next, turn the temp control knob to the Pilot position for another 10 seconds. Finally, set the temperature control knob to your desired temperature setting. And it will reset the unit successfully. 


Status light blinking 1 more time indicates a specific part of the unit is not working properly. 

What you need to do to fix the blinking issue is to find out the reason behind the status light code. Then, take the corrective actions it requires to resolve the problem. 

Fortunately, I broke down everything you need to know about the Honeywell Water Heater Status Light Codes. Just follow the troubleshooting tips I mentioned to solve the issue. 

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