Navien Recirculation Settings

Navien Recirculation Settings: Everything You Should Know

This is a complete guide on Navien Recirculation Settings. What I am going to discuss in this article is- 

  • Types of recirculation modes
  • How to set the recirculation mode?
  • How to use the recirculation modes on a Navien Water Heater?

Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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Every ‘A2’ model On Navien Water Heaters, you can choose two pre-heating modes. They are: 

  • Internal Recirculation Mode
  • External Recirculation Mode

If you want to select or activate any of the two recirculation modes, you must do two things: 

  • Adjust the recirculation settings from the front panel
  • Set the position of the 2-way valve, which you can find inside the water heater.

You can enjoy several benefits if you activate the recirculation mode. For example, it will boost up the energy consumption because the unit operates to maintain the water temperature within the circulation loop. 

Also, you can use the Navien Intelligent Preheating feature. Turns out, the recirculation mode has three performance advantages, including: 

  • Eliminate the requirement of minimum flow rate
  • Eliminate the ‘cold water sandwich’ effect
  • Deliver hot water to fixtures quickly

Now, let’s see how to adjust the recirculation mode in the next chapter so that you can enjoy the advantages I mentioned.

How To Set Recirculation Mode On Navien Water Heater?

Go along the steps described below to set the recirculation settings.  

1. Press the M (menu) button on the front panel and choose the 1. Recirculation Settings by pressing down the OK button. 

2. Press either the Up and the Down button to switch between any of these recirculation settings: 

  • No Recirculation: This option is used to disable the recirculation feature.
  • Internal Recirculation: Allow you to choose commands in the menu to preheat according to the set DHW temperature. 
  • External Recirculation: Let you select commands in the menu to preheat according to the set DHW temperature

3. To exit the view information mode, just press the back button on the front panel. 

Either you select the Internal Recirculation Mode or the External Recirculation Mode, both these modes has three common recirculation loops: 

  • Always On: It will repeat DHW recirculation.
  • Intelligent: This option detects the DHW use for a week and repeats the detected cycle. 
  • Weekly: It lets a user choose commands for DHW Recirculation on a weekly basis. 

However, the External Recirculation mode has an additional recirculation loop called HotButton, which takes it apart from Recirculation mode. 

Note: You must set up the Time Settings in the Configuration menu to choose these options. 

Setting The Weekly Schedule:

It’s simple to set up the Weekly option.

  • Just select the Weekly option 
  • Enter the Schedule menu by selecting 1 Day, 3 Day, and 7 Day.
  • Press either the Up or the Down button to choose the scheduled time. It allows you to choose the time in 30 minutes intervals.
  • Lastly, press and hold down the OK button for 2 seconds to finalize the weekly schedule setting

How To Use Recirculation Mode On Navien Water Heater?

This chapter will walk you through the step-by-step guide to let you learn how to use the recirculation mode. 

Using the Internal Recirculation Mode: 

  • Connect the water supply.
  • Set the 2-way valve to INT. You can find this valve inside the water heater. 
  • Press the M (menu) button and head over to 1.Recirculation Setting > 2. Internal Recirculation and make the selection by pressing the Ok button. 

Note: You can use the Internal Recirculation Mode in the A2 models only.

Using the External Recirculation Mode:

  • Attach the water supply to support recirculation.
  • Position the 2-way valve inside the water heater to EXT.
  • Access the main menu by pressing the M button and select 1.Recirculation Setting > 2. External Recirculation by pressing the Ok button. 


How does Navien intelligent recirculation work?

The Intelligent preheating on Navien Water Heater is a self-learning process that you can enable by turning on the DIP switch on the front panel. Once you turn that DIP switch, the water heater software will monitor the flow demands over a 7 day cycle and recirculate the water from the following week based on water usage. 

How often should you flush a Navien tankless water heater?

Generally, you should flush a Navien Tankless Water Heater once a year. But you may need to flush the unit every six months if you live in a hard water area or operate the unit at a higher temperature setting. 

How long do Navien tankless water heaters last?

A tankless water heater, whether it comes from Navien or other brands, will provide you a reliable service for up to 20 years if you maintain it according to the manual. 


Navien Recirculation Settings have a lot of advantages. It will reduce the energy consumption and deliver you the best heating efficiency. So, you must play with this setting and adjust it according to your water usage demand. 

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