AO Smith Water Heater No Status Light

AO Smith Water Heater No Status Light [Complete Guide]

This is a complete guide on AO Smith Water Heater No Status Light. Here, I will break down five main culprits that prevent the status light from blinking. Plus, I will walk you through the troubleshooting steps to solve the no-status light issue. So, let’s get started right here. 

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AO Smith Water Heater No Status Light [5 Reasons & Solutions]

Your AO Smith Water Heater Status Light doesn’t blink or flash if: 

  • Thermopile doesn’t reach its operating temperature yet
  • Unit is not getting gas
  • Spark igniter issue
  • Defective thermopile 
  • Flammable vapor sensor incident occurs

Now, it’s time to break down each of them.  

01. Thermopile Doesn’t Reach Its Operating Temp Yet

The status light of your AO Smith Gas Water Heater won’t come on if the thermopile hasn’t yet reached its normal operating temperature. Even the status light won’t blink though the pilot is lit unless the thermopile reaches its operating temp. 

How To Fix: 

Generally, it takes at least 90 seconds of pilot operation before the thermopile gets to its operating temp. As a solution to this issue, set the gas control knob to the off position. Leave the unit for 10 minutes. Then, take the attempt to relight the pilot following the lighting instructions on the water heater’s label. 

02. Unit May Be Not Getting Gas

If there is no status light after three lighting attempts, I bet the unit is not getting gas. And without gas, the status light won’t come on- let alone operating your water heater. The unit won’t receive any gas if the gas shut-off valve is in the off position. 

Besides, the pilot light won’t come on even though the manual gas shut-off valve is on if there is air in the gas supply line or the pilot tube. And when the pilot light doesn’t come, how can you expect the status light to blink?

How To Fix: 

First off, ensure the manual gas shut-off valve is in the on position. You can find this valve in the supply line of your water heater. 

If it’s in the off position, just turn it clockwise to allow the gas flow to the unit. Then, follow the lighting instructions on the water heater’s label and light the pilot. 

Secondly, you should purge the pilot tube or the gas supply line to bleed the air. To bleed the air, push the gas control knob all the way in and hold it down when you should keep depressing the igniter button. Continue it until the pilot is lit or the status light starts blinking. 

03. Spark Igniter Issue

Pilot light or status light won’t come on if there is an issue with the spark igniter. You can easily determine if the spark igniter is at fault or not. Just take a look through the see-through window. Does the igniter produce spark? If not, check the igniter wires. 

A broken electrode or defective igniter can also cause the pilot light to not come on. Besides, dirt and rust on the pilot or electrode tip can prevent the igniter from producing sparks. 

How To Fix: 

Start with checking the igniter wires of your AO Smith Water Heater. Just disconnect the igniter wire from the connector. Then, reconnect it again. I hope it will solve the issue.  

If detaching and reconnecting the igniter wire brings no luck for you, you should remove the burner assembly from the unit. In this case, ensure you turn the gas supply off to the unit. Then, remove the outer door and pull out the burner assembly. 

Check the electrode to ensure it’s clean and it doesn’t get broken. You can use an emery cloth to remove dirt and rust from the electrode tip. 

Still, if the igniter doesn’t produce a spark, I bet the igniter goes bad and you need to replace it. And the following video will show you how to make the replacement: 

04. Defective Thermopile

A faulty thermopile is another culprit that prevents the pilot light from lighting. If the status light doesn’t flash or blink after 90 seconds of pilot operation, understand the pilot flame fails to heat the thermopile sufficiently. In other words, you need to replace the thermopile. 

How  To Fix: 

You should replace the faulty thermopile with a new one. If you are mechanically inclined, the following video will be helpful for you: 

However, I highly suggest you hire a certified plumber to make the thermopile replacement for you. 

05. Flammable Vapor Incident Occurs

If your water heater has been running perfectly but has stopped suddenly and won’t relight, I suspect it is a probable flammable vapor incident. Just turn the gas supply off, remove the burner door, and pull out the burner assembly. Now, check the flame arrestor for signs of high temperature discolorations.

How To Fix: 

If you observe the flame arrestor has a sign of high-temperature discolorations, don’t use your water heater. Just turn off the unit and call a professional for help. 


No status light means you will get no hot water from your AO Smith Water Heater. And you know how uncomfortable it’s to spend a day without hot water in the ice-cold days of winter. 

Fortunately, I have revealed those culprits that are responsible for the status light to not come on. So, follow the troubleshooting steps I mentioned and fix the no status light issue. Best of Luck!

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