How To Use Wayne Water Bug

How To Use Wayne Water Bug? [5 Easy Steps] 

In this article, what I am going to talk about: 

  • How to use the Wayne Water Bug?
  • Additional Tips Regarding Pump Operation
  • Answer to some Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Use Wayne Water Bug? [5 Easy Steps]

If you don’t know how to use the Wayne Water Bug, this chapter will make it easy for you by walking you through 5 simple steps. 

1. Know The Pump First

Know The Pump First

To operate the pump like a champ, you must know everything about it. For example, you should know every in and out of the pump like where the on/off indicator, location of the power cord, discharge line, and other.  

The following image will help you locate every component of this pump. As a result, operating the pump will be a piece of cake and you will be a master user of it.  

2. Attach A Garden Hose To The Brass Discharge

Attach A Garden Hose To The Brass Discharge

By default, this pump is specially designed to attach to a standard garden hose. Just thread the female end of that hose to either the top discharge or the side discharge. 

Connect the garden hose to the top discharge if you want to remove water from tight spaces like laundry tubs, window wells, and buckets. 

On the other hand, I recommend you attach the garden hose to the side discharge for easy water removal from open surfaces, including: flat roofs, flooded basements, and standing water in the yard or crawl spaces. 

Ensure the discharge you are not going to use is securely sealed using the attached screw-on cap. If you don’t seal that discharge, the pump will not pump water through the garden hose. 

Pro Tips: Place a hose washer on the garden hose before attaching the hose to the pump. It will help reduce leakage- between the pump and the hose.

To get the best output of your pump, unwind the hose before starting the unit. It will help remove kinks or binds in the hose and allow the unit to pump with less restrictions.

3. Place The Pump In Water

Place the pump in water

Now, place your Wayne Water Bug into water. The water level must be at least 3/16”  deep for the pump to self-prime. However, this unit will remove water down to approximately 1/16” of the surface the pump was placed on- though it depends on multiple factors. 

4. Plug The Unit Into GFCI Outlet

Plug the unit into an electric outlet

Insert the power cord into a grounded 120 VAC GFCI protected power outlet. Verify the electrical outlet is grounded and it’s rated for at least 15 amps. The pump will start operating and moving water as soon as you plug the unit into the power outlet. 

5. Unplug the Unit & Allow It To Cool Down

Once the pump finishes its job to move all the water from your spaces, this pump will go off automatically after 10 minutes. 

Unplug the unit

Lastly, unplug your Wayne Water Bug from the electric outlet and let it cool down for approximately an hour before storage or next usage. 

Note: When the pump is off, the plug will glow red indicating that the pump is off. On the other hand, the plug will glow green, which indicates that the pump is on. 

Additional Tips In Regarding of Pump Operation

Take a look at the following tips that will help you operate the unit smoothly: 

  • Before operating the unit, inspect the pump housing, power cord and plug for damage or leaks. Don’t use the pump if the plug is missing the grounding prong or the power cord is damaged. Discard the pump if the pump housing gets damaged.
  • Always set the pump on the hard surface in the water. Never place the pump directly on the mud or sandy surface. Otherwise, it will clog the inlet screen. To get the best output, clean the hard surface you use to place the pump. If you place the pump on a loose or dirty surface, it will prevent the filter features from working to their full extent. 
  • Always get to know where the discharge line is placed. An unsecured discharged pipe may wobble around when the pump is turned on.


Does the Wayne water bug shut off automatically?

Yes, the Wayne Water But will shut off automatically once it removes all the water from the surface.

Can a Wayne water bug drain a pool?

You can drain your child’s swimming pool with the Wayne Water Bug.

Can you submerge Wayne water bug?

You can submerge the Wayne Water Bug as it’s submersible.


Using the Wayne Water Bug Pump is not rocket science. Just follow the 5 easy instructions I mentioned and remove water from your space. That’s it. If you have any questions about this sump pump, feel free to share your throughs in the comment box below.

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