Zoeller Sump Pump Reset Button

Zoeller Sump Pump Reset Button

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  • Zoeller Sump Pump Pump Reset Button: The Procedure 
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Where Is The Reset Button On Zoeller Sump Pump?

On the Zoeller Sump Pump, there is no reset button. But, it doesn’t mean you can reset the unit. 

Indeed, you can still reset your sump pump. Just disconnect the sump pump from the electrical connection and leave your Zoeller for 30 seconds. It will reset the pump. The benefits of resetting a sump pump is- it will resolve some common problems. 

In short, it will save both your time and money. And the next chapter will take you through the step-by-step procedure to reset the unit.

Zoeller Sump Pump Reset Button: The Procedure

Resetting a Zoeller Sump Pump is not rocket science. Just follow the below steps and have your unit reset. 

  • Locate the on/off switch of your sump pump. Then, set it to the off position. 
  • Unplug your sump pump from the power source. 
  • Leave the unit for 30 seconds. 
  • After 3o seconds, plug the sump pump into the electrical outlet.
  • Turn on your sump pump and it will reset your Zoeller Sump Pump. 

Note: In addition, you can take the sump pump out of the sump pit or basin. Then, clean the pump as it may get dirty. Once you clean the pump, place it into the sump pit or basin. 

Keep in mind; resetting the unit won’t come into play to resolve a sump pump problem. And it indicates there is a serious issue with your pump. 

Fortunately, I covered an article on Zoeller Sump Pump Troubleshooting. Check that article to discover the common sump pump issues and their solutions.  


Why won’t my Zoeller pump turn on?

Zoeller sump pump won’t turn on due to a: 

  • A blown-out fuse
  • Low or improper voltage
  • A tripped overload relay
  • Incorrect wiring
  • Clogged impeller
  • Defective motor
  • Defective switch

If you want to know the way of resolving those issues, read this guide on Zoeller Sump Pump Won’t Turn On.

Is it ok for my sump pump to be dry?

No, it’s not ok or a good sign for your sump pump to be dry. If it always remains dry, I bet there is a problem with drainage, which must be fixed.

How often do sump pumps fail?

It depends on multiple criteria like the flood status of the area, how often you maintain the sump pump. In general, the average life expectancy of a sump pump is between 7 to 10 years.

How much does sump pump maintenance cost?

The average sump pump maintenance cost is $520. However, the repairing cost can vary depending on the locations and the extent of the service.

What is the warranty on a Zoeller Sump Pump?

Zoeller Sump Pump has a one year warranty.


Just unplug your sump pump from the electrical outlet and wait for 30 seconds. Then, plug the power cord into the outlet and turn on the unit, which will reset the sump pump. 

If you have more questions about Zoeller Sump Pump, the comment box is always available for you. 

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