Wayne Sump Pump Battery Backup Beeping

Wayne Sump Pump Battery Backup Beeping

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Why Is My Wayne Sump Pump Battery Backup Beeping?

Wayne Sump Pump Battery Backup keeps beeping due to these four common reasons, including: 

  • Battery itself gets defective or it requires your attention
  • Power To The System Gets Interrupted 
  • Wire connections are loose
  • Too low battery voltage

Below, I provide solutions to resolve this issue and I hope it will come handy for you. 

1. Battery May Require Attention Or Replacement

If you hear a chirping noise from the control box and observe a flashing red light, it means that the battery needs your attention. In other words, you need to check and assess the condition of the battery. 

Do you know how to check the true condition of the battery? In the ‘How To Fix’ section below, I will walk you through several steps to evaluate the battery condition like a pro. 

How To Fix: 

You should check the battery condition every single month. Regarding this, remove the wall charger from the power source. 

Secondly, inspect the electrolyte level and fill it if needed according to the manufacturer guideline. 

Of course, the charge for each cell must be checked with a hydrometer. Understand the battery is at full charge if the gravity is 1.265. If that specific gravity of any of the cells varies more than 0.05, replacing the battery is a must. 

Thirdly, check the terminals and clamps for corrosion and tightness. If required, clean the terminals and tighten them up. 

Fourthly, unplug the primary pump and fill the sump with water until your battery backup sump pump comes on. Repeat this process two times to verify the pump is operating normally. 

And lastly, plug the charger into the wall outlet and turn on the primary pump to see whether the pump operates normally or not. If not, check this guide on Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pump Troubleshooting. 

Note: If the age of the battery is between 3 to 5 years, you must replace the battery. 

2. Power To The System Gets Interrupted

A chirping noise that will last 30 seconds can be heard if the power to your battery backup system gets interrupted. 

The unit will reset automatically once you restore the power to the system. Just take a note of what interrupts the power to the unit. And ensure you plug the backup pump into a dedicated electrical outlet. 

Don’t forget to call an electrician if you are not electrically inclined. 

3. Wire Connections Are Loose or Terminals Get Corroded

Verify every wire connection is secure and tight. Within the battery casing, the positive wire (red one) should be attached to the positive terminal and the negative on (black) should go to the negative terminal. 

Needless to say, you must check the condition of the terminals. If they get corroded, the control box could send a wrong signal. To avoid such issues, clean the terminals. 

4. Battery Voltage Is Too Low

A low floating voltage is responsible for the control box to produce a beeping noise. You can easily check the battery voltage by using a multimeter. 

First off, plug the trickle charge of the battery into a power outlet and measure the voltage. On a 12 Volt standard battery, the voltage reading should be around 13.5 on your multimeter. 

Detach the battery charger from the outlet and wait for a few minutes. Then, check the battery voltage again. This time the voltage should be between 12.3 and 13.2 Volts. If the voltage reading goes below this number, understand the battery is defective and a replacement is required.  

The following tutorial will help you in checking the battery voltage: 


How do I reset my battery backup sump pump?

Some battery backup sump pumps have a reset button on the unit. Pressing the reset button for at least a second will reset the unit automatically. 

If there is no reset button on your sump pump, just unplug it from the electric power source. Remove the sump pump from the basin and clean the basin if needed. Then, place the sump pump into its basin again. Lastly, restore the power to the unit, which will reset your sump pump

How often should the backup battery for a sump pump be replaced?

Generally, the backup battery for a sump pump will last around 3 to 5 years. So, it’s recommended to replace the battery every five years to keep the entire unit functional.

Will a sump pump work without a battery?

A primary sump pump will work without a battery if it’s electric powered. However, if you have a battery backup sump pump, it won’t operate without a battery

Can you recharge a sump pump battery?

Yes, you can recharge a sump pump battery. Just plug the trickle charge into a wall outlet and leave it until it gets fully recharged.


You will hear a 3-second tone every time you start the pump. And it’s normal. However, if you hear a chirping or annoying noise, there is something wrong with the system. Fortunately, I mentioned all the common reasons for the alarm to keep beeping. 

What you need to do now is- just try out the troubleshooting steps I described and have the issue fixed. If the problem still persists after trying this guideline, it will be better to hand over the task to a professional.

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