Wayne WaterBug Manual

Wayne Waterbug Manual [A Complete Guide]

This guide on Wayne WaterBug Manual will walk you through the following: 

  • Pump Operational Tips
  • How To Reset Wayne WaterBug
  • Maintenance Tips

Wayne WaterBug Manual [A Complete Guide]

New to operating Wayne WaterBug? Don’t worry! This chapter will break down everything you need to know to be a master user of this sump pump. 

Pump Operational Tips:

1. Check the pump housing, power cord, and plug for damage or leaks. If the plug is missing the grounding prong or the cord is detrimental, avoid the pump from using. Throw away the pump into a thrash if the pump housing is damaged or leaking.

2. Ensure the depth of water level is at least 3/16″. Otherwise, the pump fails to self-prime. 

3. A standard garden is required to let the water flow from the pump’s discharge. Attach the female end of the garden hose either to the top or the side discharge on the pump. It would be best to securely seal the discharge that is not being used with the screw-on cap. If you don’t cap the unused discharge, no water will be pumped through the garden hose. 

4. Remember to place a hose washer on the garden before attaching the hose to the pump to reduce the leakage between the pump and the hose.

5. To gain the best pumping performance out of your pump, unwind the garden hose before turning on the pump. It will help eliminate any kinks or bends in the hose and allow the pump to move water with fewer restrictions. 

6. Position your WaterBug on a hard surface in the water. Only place the unit on a smooth surface. Setting down your pump on a muddy surface will cause the inlet screen to clog. Most importantly, the filter features of this pump will only work to their full extent if you put it down on a hard surface. 

7. Always care about where the discharge hose is. Otherwise, it will move or whip when you turn on the pump in the case of an unsecured discharge hose. 

8. This water removal tool requires a 120V AC GFCI-protected power outlet to plug in. Of course, the electrical outlet should be properly grounded and rated for at least 15 amps. 

9. Your WaterBug will come into the Off mode after 10 minutes once it has stopped pumping water. 

Note: When the pump is on, the plug will glow green. And the plug will glow red when the pump is off. Check the power supply if there is no red or green light indication. 

How Do You Reset Wayne Water Bug?

The sump pump will turn off if it runs dry. A manual reset is a must to bring your sump pump out of the shut-off condition. To reset this unit manually, follow the below steps:

  • For a standard reset, disconnect the unit’s power cord from the electrical outlet and leave the sump pump in this state for approximately 1 hour. 
  • If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to wait for 1 hour, unplug the sump pump from the power outlet, submerge it in cold water, and wait for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Remove the unit from the water after 15 minutes and restore the power by plugging it into a grounded outlet. Now, verify the sump pump has reset. 
  • If the unit doesn’t reset, disconnect the sump pump from the electric connection and wait 5 minutes. Then, repeat step 3. 

Maintenance Tips

Every time you are going to use your sump pump, inspect the inlet screen and verify it’s free of all foreign objects. 

Note: The motor housing requires no service as it’s completely sealed. Dismantling the motor housing or altering the power cord could cause a fatal electric shock.Furthermore, it will void the warranty. 

Now, let’s see how to clean the inlet screen and impeller. 

Cleaning The Inlet Screen and The Impeller:

  • Detach the power cord of your WaterBug from the electric outlet.
  • Use a hand screwdriver to remove six inner screws from the base of the sump pump. 
  • Take the inlet screen out of its place and remove all the debris. Try to turn the impeller back & forth to help dislodge any remaining residue. 
  • Once you clean both the inlet screen and the impeller, it’s time to reattach the inlet filter. With the help of the hand screwdriver, tighten up all six screws until they are hand-tight. Be sure that the cork rubber gasket lines up correctly when it’s being reattached to the pump.


Wayne WaterBug is an amazing water removal tool. If you know how to use and maintain this unit, you will get reliable pumping output for a long time. 

And this Wayne WaterBug Manual will come into play regarding this. So, bookmark it in your favorite browser and get it when you need it. 

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