Liberty Pumps SJ10 Troubleshooting

Liberty Pumps SJ10 Troubleshooting

This guide on Liberty Pumps SJ10 Troubleshooting will bring three culprits into light that prevent the SumpJet from working, including: 

  • Frozen discharge pipe
  • Clogged strainer screen
  • Defective float switch

If you want to resolve these issues, keep reading this guide till the end, 

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Liberty Pumps SJ10 Troubleshooting

The SumpJet 10 from Liberty Pumps is specially designed for use in clear water only. Using this pump, you can’t remove waste water, sewage, effluent or water with dirt & debris.  

You can only use this pump as an emergency backup to an existing  sump pump system. However, the water-powered unit won’t work when you need it most. 

Typically, it won’t move a single drop of water if the discharge line gets frozen, pump screen gets clogged, or the float switch gets stuck. 

Below, I will show you how to resolve those issues to bring the SumpJet back into operating state. 

Here we go… 

Discharge Pipes Get Frozen

If you live in cold areas or the discharge pipe passes through cold areas, the pipe will get restricted by ice. As a result, no water can flow back into the pit. 

How To Fix: 

To resolve this issue, take off the strainer screen by unscrewing it, remove the poppet & spring, and replace the screen. It will allow your SumpJet to let the water flow back into the pit and break down the frozen condition of the pipe.  

Strainer Screen Gets Clogged

SJ10 won’t turn on or move water if the strainer screen gets clogged by dirt or debris. If you want the SumpJet to pump water from the pit, you must clean the screen. 

How To Fix: 

Cleaning the strainer screen is simple. Just unscrew the screen and take off the poppet and spring. Now, use a brush to get rid of gunks or debris from the strainer screen. Then, wash the screen under the running water. Once you clean the screen, replace it into its place and secure it by tightening. 

A Stuck-In Float Switch

A float switch is the component that activates the pump with the rise of the water level. If it gets corroded, the switch will get stuck in the Off position. 

How To Fix: 

It’s super simple to inspect the float switch of this pump as it comes fully assembled. Just detach the connections and remove the pump from the pit. 

Now, check the float switch for proper operation and clean the debris that may be on the float. Ensure the float switch is moving freely without any restrictions. 


Water-powered pump from Liberty Pumps is great and serves you for a long time if you maintain it properly. If it starts malfunctioning over time or pumps no water, follow the troubleshooting steps I mentioned. Or, you can call your plumber if the problem seems complex.

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  1. How do you fix a liberty pump that will not shut off all the way. It is chattering my water pipe. If I turn off the water it stop all together. Can you take the pump apart and clean it?

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