Zoeller Sump Pump Won't Turn On

Zoeller Sump Pump Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Zoeller Sump Pump won’t turn on if the fuse gets blown out, lack of voltage, or a tripped overload relay.  

Turns out, incorrect wiring, impeller or seal gets bounded, and defective motors are some culprits responsible for a non-functional sump pump. 

Nonetheless, your Zoeller Sump Pump may not even turn on because of a defective switch. 

If you want your sump pump to activate again, you must address those issues and resolve them. 

And this guide comes into play to fix those problems and make your sump pump ready to dewatering…

So, let’s dive in. 

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Zoeller Sump Pump Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

This chapter will break down 7 common problems that cause the Zoeller Sump Pump to not turn on. 

1. Fuse Gets Blown Out

Like every electric appliance, your sump pump also requires at least a fuse to function. If the fuses somehow get broken, it will provide no power to the unit it requires to activate. 

How To Fix: 

Unplug your sump pump from the electrical connection and inspect it for blown out fuses. Replace the broken or blown out fuse and see whether the sump pump comes on or not. If not, it is better to call an electrician or a plumber for further assistance.  

2. Low Voltage

The sump pump requires a certain amount of voltage to power up its motor. If it gets insufficient amount of electric power, the motor will not receive enough voltage to energize itself. As a result, your sump pump won’t turn on. 

How To Fix: 

Ensure the power source you are using is capable of handling the voltage requirements of the motor as labeled on the pump name-plate. Turns out, verify the pump’s electrical supply circuit is equipped with fuses or circuit breakers of proper capacity. The best suggestion I can give is to consult with a certified electrician for further assistance. 

3. Overload Relay Gets Tripped

Overheating or when the motor of the sump pump draws excess electricity, it will damage the motor and its winding. 

To protect the motor, every sump pump comes with an overload relay. The overload relay will trip when current rises above the certain limit. 

Generally, if there is a splice somewhere in the wiring leading to the pump and that splice is getting wet, it will bleed some extra current off to ground. Consequently, the overload relay gets tripped and protects the motor by turning off the electric supply. 

Besides, having a wrong type overload sensor can even cause this issue. In this case, the motor will draw higher current when starting compared to when running. 

How To Fix: 

Check the wiring from the contactor to the pump and verify there is no splice . Also, make sure there is no splice even at the well head. If there is any splice, it should be 100% waterproof encapsulated in  butyl rubber or silicone. 

Turns out, ensure the overload sensor you have is as per the specification of the pump’s manufacturer.If you are not electrically inclined, call a certified electrician to fix this issue. 

4. Incorrect Wiring

Wiring the sump pump according to the electrical local codes is a must. If you wire the sump pump incorrectly, you can’t turn on the unit. 

How To Fix: 

I suggest you contact a certified electrician to check the sump pump wiring. If needed, wire the sump pump correctly.

5. Impeller Gets Clogged

Impeller is responsible for the water to move within the pit. If it gets restricted by debris, it fails to push the water out of the pit. And when the impeller stops pushing water, the sump pump won’t function. 

How To Fix: 

Just free up the blockage from the impeller and your sump pump will work like a charm. 

Regarding this, disconnect the sump pump from the electrical outlet and remove the screen at the bottom of the pump. Check the inside and clean the impeller to remove the restriction.  

Now, plug your sump pump and turn it on to verify the proper rotation of the impeller. 

6. Defective Motor

A malfunctioning motor means a malfunctioning sump pump. These are the culprits to blame behind a faulty motor: 

  • Power outage
  • Poor maintenance
  • A stuck float switch
  • Frozen discharge pipe
  • Install the sump pump improperly

Rapid Restoration MN has a complete guide on sump pump failure. You can check that article to learn the details. 

The best part is to call a plumber to replace the defective motor with a new one. 

7. Switch Gets Damaged

If the float switch gets damaged or goes out of adjustment, you can’t turn on your sump pump. Overuse of the switch, power failure, or a simply stuck float switch are some caveats that cause the switch to go bad. 

How To Fix: 

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the float switch with a new one. So, call your plumber and replace the float switch. 


Q. How Do I Reset Zoeller Sump Pump?

Just unplug the sump pump from the electrical connection and leave it for 30 seconds. Then, re-plug the sump pump and turn on the unit. I hope it will reset your Zoeller Sump Pump. 

Q. Will unplugging sump pump reset it?

Yes, unplugging the sump pump from the electrical power source will reset the unit. 

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Zoeller sump pump?

The Zoeller Sump Pump will last around 7 to 10 years if you install it correctly and perform the maintenance workflow properly. 


Throughout this guideline, I mentioned all the possible reasons that prevent the sump pump from turning on. Just follow the troubleshooting step I described and resolve the issue. If needed, call a professional for further assistance. Good Luck!

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