Zoeller Sump Pump Float Adjustment

Zoeller Sump Pump Float Adjustment

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Can you adjust the float on a Zoeller Sump Pump?

Yes, you can adjust the float switch on a Zoeller Sump Pump. But if the question comes to adjusting the pumping range, the answer will be:

It depends on the type of Zoeller Sump Pump you own. 

If you own an automatic pump with a self-contained float switch, you can’t adjust the on/off switch pumping range. On the other hand, the float switch (‘on/off’) pumping range can be adjusted if you have a non-automatic sump pump. 

Either you have an automatic or non-automatic Zoeller Sump Pump, a proper adjustment of the float switch is a must. Otherwise, it will cause short-cycling, affecting the service life of the float assembly. 

The next chapter will break down the procedure of adjusting the float switch on a Zoeller Sump Pump. 

Zoeller Sump Pump Float Adjustment: The Procedure

This chapter will illustrate the proper way of adjusting the float switch on a Zoeller Sump Pump. 

1. Start with disconnecting the sump pump from the electrical outlet. 

2. Now, adjust the float switch tether point. Keep in mind; the range can vary as you need to set the tether point based on the level of water in the pump basin. 

3. Once you adjust the tether point, it’s time to adjust the tether length. Use the below table as a guide to obtain the proper tether. 

Tether Length5”10”15”20”22”
Pumping Range9”13.5”18”22”24”

Note: Because of the weight of cable, the pumping range above horizontal is not equal to the pumping range below horizontal. Water temperature and cord shape can also vary the pumping range. 

With the increase of tether length, the pumping range will also increase.

Most importantly, you don’t need to care about the pumping range if you own an automatic sump pump from Zoeller. 

4. Once you set up the float switch tether point & length correctly, it’s time to test the system by operating the sump pump. So, attach the sump pump to an electrical outlet and test the unit with a few buckets of water. The sump pump should turn on with the rise of water level. 

Ensure the level of water on the floor is minimum 6” and the unit should keep running until it empties the water. 

5. Readjust the float switch if needed. Typically, most systems take at least one time readjustment. Sometimes you may need to take 2 to 3 attempts to get the float switch at the desired on-off level. Keep in mind; you must detach the sump pump from the power every time you are going to readjust the float switch. 


Can you adjust a tethered float switch?

Of course, you can adjust the tethered float switch. Just adjust the tether point depending on the desired range of water level in the sump pump basin at the start and stop triggers point.

How high should I set my sump pump float?

How high the sump pump float should be set actually depends on the size of the sump pit and the power of the sump pump motor. I recommend you to set the float switch a few inches above the top of the sump pump motor.

Why is there always water in my sump pit?

Don’t fret! It’s normal to have water in the sump pit. The water you have in the sump pit may be the result of snowmelt, rain, or seepage from the ground. Once the water level reaches a certain level, the unit comes on and keeps dewatering.

Can you bypass float switch on sump pump?

Yes. Just get a new external switch with a piggyback plug. Turn on the sump pump until it removes all the water from its basin. Once all the water is removed from the basin, detach the unit from the electrical connection. Bypass the circuit from the main float switch and seal the housing using a silicone sealant. Now, connect the replacement switch with the pump housing using a zip tie. Insert the switch into the outlet and the bypass plug into the switch.

Should my sump pump be fully submerged?

Pedestal and submersible are the two types of sump pumps. If you own a submersible sump pump, there is no reason to worry about submerging the pump fully. On the other hand, you shouldn’t submerge the pedestal sump pump due to its design. The motor of the pedestal sump pump is not sealed. That’s why you can’t submerge this pump completely.


Sump pump float adjustment is a basic yet indispensable task. 

Without a proper adjustment of this component, it’s impossible to operate the sump pump properly. In other words, adjusting the float imperfectly will cause short cycling and therefore it brings damage to the motor.  

Fortunately, throughout this guide on Zoeller Sump Pump Float Adjustment, I took you through everything you need to know to adjust the float properly. Just follow the instructions and set up the float perfectly. 

Thank you!

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