Lasko Heater Reset Button

Lasko Heater Reset Button

This guide on Lasko Heater Reset Button will describe: 

  • Where is the reset button on Lasko Heater?
  • The step-by-step instructions on resetting the Lasko Heater
  • Some frequently asked questions

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Where Is The Reset Button On Lasko Heater?

Unfortunately, Lasko Heater has no reset button though it’s a game changing feature. 

With the help of a reset button, you can easily fix a general functional issue of an appliance. Though Lasko Heater has no reset button, it’s still possible to reset the unit. 

The power button on the Lasko Heater can be used as a reset button. Following the step-by-step guide described in the next chapter will help you reset your space heater. 

Lasko Heater Reset Button: How Do I Reset My Lasko Heater?

Go along with the below steps to learn how to reset Lasko Heater like a pro: 

  • Unplug the unit from the electric outlet. 
  • Leave the space heater for 10 minutes until the unit has cooled down. 
  • Once the time ellipses, plug the space heater in a 120V electric outlet and turn on the heater.  

How To Turn On Lasko Heater According to Operating Instructions?

To turn on Lasko Heater, go along with the following instructions: 

1. Ensure you place your space heater on a firm and level surface. 

Caution: The plastic feet on this unit may stick to furniture surfaces or hardwood floors. The unit could leave a residue on certain furniture surfaces like wood or hardwood. 

2. Plug the power cord into a 120V electric outlet. 

3. When you initially plug your space heater into the outlet, the Power Light will come on indicating there is power to the unit. The power light will keep blinking until you unplug the unit from the power source. 

4. Turn on your space heater by pressing the Power button. 

5. By default, the heater will be in High heat on Max when you initially turn the unit on. 

6. To operate the unit in Low Heat, press the Power Button once. The steady light beside Low will indicate the heater is in the Low Heat mode. 

7. To shut off the heater, press the Power Button a third time. Once you turn off the unit, the red light will remain lit until you unplug the heater from the power outlet. 
Note: The instructions for turning on your Lasko Heater are appropriate for Model 5309. For turning on other models of Lasko Heater, the instructions may be slightly different.


Is there a fuse in a Lasko heater?

Yes, there is a fuse in a Lasko Heater to prevent the unit from getting power. As there is no safety mechanism, the fuse on this heater will keep the heater safe by stopping the current flow in the event of overpower. 

Why is my space heater not turning on?

Your space heater won’t turn on due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Electric issues
  • The heater may reach the desired temperature setting
  • Dirty space heater

I recommend you to read this guide on Lasko Space Heater Won’t Turn On to resolve all of the issues. 

What is the red A symbol on my Lasko heater?

Red light ‘A’ on Lasko Heater means the heater is in the Auto Mode. 

Why is my Lasko heater flashing?

Lasko Heater will keep flashing if there is something wrong or deficiency in the system. You can easily resolve this issue by resetting the heater. Once you reset the unit, only the red light on the unit will remain lit. It indicates the unit is receiving electric power.


As I mentioned earlier, the reset button on any appliance is a game changing feature. With a single click of that button, you can easily resolve the general functional issues of the unit. 

Despite having a reset button, you can still reset your Lasko Heater. Regarding this, unplug the heater from the electric outlet and leave it in this condition for 10 minutes. After that, plug the space heater again into a 120V outlet and turn on the unit. It will reset the unit and remove the glitches from the system. 

Best Of Luck!

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