Pelonis Heater Reset Button

Pelonis Heater Reset Button [3 Simple Steps]

This guide on Pelonis Heater Reset Button will describe: 

  • Is there a reset button Pelonis Heater?
  • How do I reset my Pelonis Heater?
  • When do you need to reset your Pelonis Heater?
  • Answers to FAQs
  • End-Note

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Is There A Reset Button On Pelonis Heater?

No, there is no reset button on Pelonis Heater though it’s a game changer feature. 

Keep in mind; a space heater is small yet a complex device. So, you can’t reset the heater with a single click of a button like you reset your computer. You need to discover the root reasons that cause your heater malfunction. 

However, you can still fix generic heater issues like overheating by resetting the heater. The next chapter will walk you through the step-by-step procedure to reset your Pelonis Heater. 

Pelonis Heater Reset Button [How Do I Reset My Pelonis Heater]

1. First off, shut off the heater by turning its Power control to the Off position. Then, disconnect the heater from the power source by unplugging its power cord. 

2. Now, leave your space heater for 10 minutes to let it cool down. 

3. Once the time ellipses, plug your heater into a grounded 120V outlet and turn on the heater. It will help you reset the heater correctly. 

When Do You Need To Reset Your Pelonis Heater?

In the event of overheating, the unit shuts off automatically. To bring the heater back into working status, you should reset the heater. 

Every Pelonis Heater is equipped with a high-limit temperature switch or a thermal fuse. When the internal temperature exceeds the normal operating temperatures for any reason, that safety switch (thermal fuse) will cut the electric supply off and turn off the unit automatically. 

To turn on the heater again, you must reset the unit by following the procedure I mentioned above. 

Apart from this, if your heater won’t turn on, resetting the heater could resolve that issue as well. 

Note: If your Pelonis Heater shuts off due to overheating, I recommend you figure out the culprits behind overheating instead of a quick fix like resetting. I will cover an article on Pelonis Heater Overheating as soon as possible. Till then, stay in tune.


Why is my electric space heater not working?

Bad thermal fuse, damaged heating element, and tripped circuit breaker are some culprits that prevent your space heater not working. 

How do I know if my electric heater is broken?

The following signs will let you know if your electric heater is broken:
1. Only cold air will come out of your heater.
2. Some rooms of your house may lack heat.
3. Electric bills will spike

Can a blown fuse cause heater not to work?

Yes, a blown out fuse prevents the heater from working as it cuts off electric supply to the unit. And without power, your heater is just a piece of gaming device.


Despite having a reset button, you can still reset your Pelonis Heater. Just turn the unit off, unplug it, and leave the heater for 10 minutes. Replug the heater and turn on the unit, which will reset the heater. 

If resetting the heater fails to resolve a specific issue, call a certified technician to have the unit checked professionally. 

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