Comfort Zone Heater CZ550 Troubleshooting

Comfort Zone Heater CZ550 Troubleshooting [Complete Guide]

This guide on Comfort Zone Heater CZ550 Troubleshooting will describe: 

  • 6 common heater problems and their solutions
  • How to clean the Comfort Zone CZ550?
  • End-Note

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Comfort Zone Heater CZ550 Troubleshooting [6 Problems & Their Solutions]

Let’s take a look at the common problems of your Comfort Zone CZ550 and troubleshoot those issues. 

1. Heater Won’t Come On

Your Comfort Zone Heater CZ55o won’t turn on because of one of the following culprits, including: 

  • You may forget to plug the heater into the outlet
  • Forget to turn the On/Off switch to the On position
  • Faulty outlet or the circuit breaker gets tripped

How To Fix: 

Start by making sure that you plug the heater into the electric outlet. If not, just plug the power cord into a 120V power outlet. 

Secondly, ensure you turn the On/Off switch from the Off position to the On position. 

And thirdly, the culprit could be the outlet itself which you used to plug into the power cord of the heater. Just plug another appliance into that outlet. If the device doesn’t come on, you should replace the outlet or use another outlet to juice up your heater. 

Next, inspect the circuit breaker for the heater and ensure it’s in the On position. If not, reset the circuit breaker. 

2. Overheating

The main reason behind overheating is an obstructed protective grille. Because of a dirty grille, the fan fails to circulate air to keep the internal components cool. As a result, the internal parts of the heater overheat. 

Apart from this, a loose connection (the plug fits loosely in the outlet) may cause overheating and damage to the plug or the heater. 

How To Fix: 

Ensure the protective grille of your CZ550 is free from obstructions. If needed, clean the grille using a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. In short, cleaning the grille is the best solution to the overheating issue. 

You can even resolve the overheating issue by resetting the unit. In this case, just unplug the heater from the outlet, leave it for 10 minutes to let it cool down, and restore the power to the unit. 

Nonetheless, don’t forget to check the plugged power cord for secure & tight fit. 

3. Heater Keeps Shutting Off

This heater from Comfort Zone is equipped with a safety feature called automatic overheat protection device. 

If the heater gets too hot for any reason or the grille gets obstructed, the automatic overheat protection device will shut off the unit automatically. 

How To Fix: 

To reset your heater, turn off the electric supply to the heater and unplug it. Then, leave it for at least 10 minutes until the unit cools down. Afterward, restart the heater. Of course, ensure you place the heater on a smooth level surface with no obstructions. 

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4. Heater Cycles On and Off Repeatedly

The heater will turn on and off repeatedly to maintain temperature. In short, it’s normal and you need to take no corrective actions for this. 

However, if the turn off cycle takes an extended amount of time to cool itself, there is something wrong. In most cases, a malfunctional fan like a broken fan mount is the caveat that extends the turn off cycle. 

To resolve this issue, just take the back of the heater apart and use a small plastic clamp to hold the fan in place. It will help operate the fan and the unit will work as it should be.

5. Smoke Coming Out of The Heater

When you operate the heater for the first time, it may smoke slightly. It’s due to residual cleaning agents used to clean the element when the heater is manufactured. The smell will fly away once you run the unit for a few minutes. 

6. The Unit Makes A Little Buzz

The noise you hear coming out of the heater is normal. However, if the unit makes a continuous buzzing noise, I bet there is smoothing broken inside the heater. Take apart the heater and ensure there are no loosen or broken parts inside.

If the fan mount that holds the fan in place comes loose, it may make an annoying noise. In this case, tightening up the fan mount will simply fix the issue. 

How To Clean A Comfort Zone CZ550 Heater?

You must clean the unit to maintain the efficiency and optimum performance of the heater. Before cleaning or servicing the heater, always unplug the heater from the power outlet. 

Now, use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and clean the protective grill of the heater. It will remove lint and dirt from the inside of your heater. Use a soft cloth to clean the body of the heater. 

Never try to remove the heater grille or try to take it apart for cleaning purposes. Also, don’t use cleaner solvents, alcohol, gasoline, or harsh cleaners as they will damage the heater. 


Like every electric appliance, the Comfort Zone CZ550 goes through some operational problems over time, including:

  • The unit won’t turn on
  • Overheating
  • Heater keeps turning off

Such problems don’t mean you need to throw the heater into trash. What you need to do is- troubleshoot those issues and resolve them to bring the unit back into working condition. 

And this guide is what you are looking for. Follow all the troubleshooting steps I mentioned and resolve the heater problem. 

Good Luck!

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