How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater

How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater?

This is a complete guide on How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater. Here what you are going to learn: 

  • Is there a reset button on a Comfort Zone Heater?
  • The way of resetting the Comfort Zone Heater?
  • When do you need to reset your Comfort Zone Heater?
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Is There A Reset Button On A Comfort Zone Heater?

No, Comfort Zone Heater has no reset button like other appliances like water heaters. 

However, it’s still possible for you to reset your Comfort Zone Heater. But how? Unplugging and plugging the unit into your power outlet! 

The following chapter will show you the way of resetting the Comfort Zone Heater.

How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater?

Turn off your Comfort Zone Heater first and shut the electric supply off to the unit by unplugging its power cord. Then, leave the heater for at least 10 minutes to let it cool down. After that period, plug the heater back into the power outlet and turn on the heater. This procedure will help you reset the heater. 

When Do You Need To Reset Your Comfort Zone Heater?

In the event of overheating, you need to reset your Comfort Zone Heater. Any heater from the Comfort Zone comes with an overheating protection device. 

When the heater gets overheated for any reason, it will trigger the overheat protection sensor to activate. As a result, the unit will go to the shut off mode automatically to avoid possible fire accidents. 

In this case, resetting the unit will help you bring the heater back into operating condition. 

However, I highly recommend you discover the main reasons behind overheating for the long term solution. Generally, the heater gets overheated due to a clogged air filter or obstructed protective grille. 

So, clean the air filter (if the heater is equipped with) or the protective grille of the unit to avoid overheating issues. 

Apart from this, a simple reset of the unit will be a go-to option if the heater won’t come on. 

Fortunately, we have a detailed guide on Comfort Zone Heater Not Working. Read that guide to know further information. 


Why won’t my Comfort Zone fan turn on?

The Comfort Zone fan won’t turn on if you don’t plug the power cord of the heater into the electric outlet. The fan will also not turn on if the outlet is non-functional. 

How do you turn on the heater in the Comfort Zone?

Plug the power cord into the electric outlet and turn the heater on by switching the On/Off switch to the On position. Then, set the power control dial to any of the settings- Low, High, Energy Save.

How do you reset an infrared heater?

Whether you have an infrared heater or electric heater, the resetting procedure will be the same. Unplug your space heater and plug the unit again after 10 minutes. 


A simple reset of your Comfort Zone Heater comes into play when the unit gets overheated or the unit won’t come on. 

To reset the unit, detach the power cord from the outlet. Leave the unit for 10 minutes until the heater cools down. Then, restore the power to the unit and turn on the heater.

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