Pelonis Heater Not Turning On

Why Is My Pelonis Heater Not Turning On?

This guide on Pelonis Heater Not Turning On will describe: 

  • 6 reasons that stop the Pelonis Heater from turning on
  • How To Turn On Pelonis Heater?
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Pelonis Heater Not Turning On [6 Reasons & Solutions]

Your Pelonis Heater won’t turn on if the circuit breaker gets tripped or the thermal fuse gets blown out. Turns out, a faulty tip-over switch, bad outlet, or damaged power cord are also responsible for a malfunctioning space heater. 

Below, I will describe each culprits and take you through troubleshooting steps to resolve them. 

1. Circuit Breaker Gets Tripped

No electric power will pass through your Pelonis Heater if the circuit breaker gets tripped. Generally, the following reasons are responsible for a tripped circuit breaker: 

  • Voltage surge or spikes
  • A short circuit occurs
  • You may overload the circuit breaker 

How To Fix: 

Simply go to your home’s circuit panel and check the circuit breaker for the heater. If it goes flipped down, just reset it by turning it up. 

2. Thermal Fuse Gets Blown Out

If you fail to turn on your electric heater despite having power on the unit, a blown out fuse is the culprit I blame the most. It generally goes bad due to overheating that builds up in the heater if the system gets obstructed or its filter gets clogged by debris. 

How To Fix: 

To inspect the thermal fuse, you must dismantle your Pelonis Heater. Then, locate it on your specific heater model coming from Pelonis. On most Pelonis Heaters, you find this component directly bolted on the heating element near the three pin connection. 

However, it may be an exception on some models. In this case, take a look at the black tubing in the blue wire to get the thermal fuse. 

The best bait is to call a verified technician or Pelonis Support Team to locate and repair or replace the thermal fuse. 

3. Faulty Tip-Over Switch

You already know the tip-over switch on the space heater is a safety feature. If it gets stuck in the Off position due to blockage, you can’t turn on your space heater. 

How To Fix: 

I highly suggest you call a certified technician to repair or replace the tip-over switch. This tutorial could be handy for you if you are electrically inclined: 

4. You May Forget to Plug In The Heater

It’s rare but we human beings get freaking out and forget the simple hacks like plugging the power cord of the heater. If you don’t plug the heater into the outlet, no power goes through the unit. And without electric supply, you can never turn on the heater. 

How To Fix: 

Take your eyes on the power cord and ensure you plug it into the outlet. If not, plug the heater into the outlet and turn on the unit according to the operating instructions. 

5. Bad or Damaged Power Cord

The caveat can be the power cord itself which could prevent the unit from turning on. If the power cord gets damaged or chewed by rats, you can’t turn the heater on. 

How To Fix: 

Check the power cord thoroughly from its bottom to its end. If you notice any visual damage, go for repairing the power cord. In this case, I highly recommend you contact a certified technician to replace or repair the power cord. 

6. Defective Outlet

A bad electric outlet is another culprit that stops the heater from powering on. Typically, an electric outlet gets defective due to one of the following reasons: 

  • A tripped circuit breaker (I will break it down in the next chapter)
  • Several wires under wire nut
  • Tripped GFCI
  • Warm or sparking outlet
  • Worn-out outlet

I recommend you read this article on What Causes Outlets and Switches to learn more about those. 

How To Fix:

No matter what causes the outlet to go bad, you should repair or replace the outlet. 

You can easily verify whether the outlet is bad or not by plugging another appliance into the outlet you used to power on your heater. 

If the appliance doesn’t come on, call a verified electrician to repair or replace the outlet. 

How To Turn On Pelonis Heater?

Before turning on the heater, ensure you place the heater on a firm and level surface that is free from obstruction and at least 3 ft. away from the wall or any combustible material. Then, follow the below instructions step-by-step to turn on the heater: 

  1. Insert the power cord of the heater into a properly grounded 120V electric outlet. Of course, make sure the Power and the Setting Controle (B) is in the Off position. 
  1. To turn the heater on, push the Power and Setting Control to Heat Position. This will bring both the fan and the heater inside into operating condition and cause the Power Indicator Light to illuminate. 
  1. If you want to use the fan function only, just set the Power and Setting Control Switch to Fan position. It will turn on the fan function only and the power indicator light will blink. 


Pelonis Heater is a reliable space heater to warm your room. However, you may fail to turn it on if the circuit breaker gets tripped or the thermal fuse gets blown out. Just resolve these two or other problems I mentioned and it will help you turn on your heater like a charm. 

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