Lasko Space Heater Won't Turn on

Lasko Space Heater Won’t Turn On [3 Easy Solutions]

Lasko Space Heater won’t turn on because of: 

  • Electrical issues 
  • The heater may reach the desired temperature setting 
  • The heater is dirty 

Apart from these, this space heater features a built-in thermal overload protector to prevent overheating. If your Lasko Space Heater somehow starts overheating, this feature will cut-off electric supply to the unit. The heater won’t turn on until you reset the space heater. 

Below, I will explain each culprits that prevent the heater from turning on and provide their solutions as well. 

Here we go… 

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1. Electric Issues

Electric issue is the first culprit I blame most if your space heater won’t come on. Here electric issue means: 

  • Improper or defective electric outlet
  • Plug the power cord loosely 
  • The power cord of the heater gets fried out 

How To Fix: 

To begin with, inspect the electric outlet you used to plug your space heater. 

You can easily determine whether that outlet is at fault or not by plugging other devices like your smartphone charger. If it charges up the phone, understand the outlet is fine. 

Secondly, you must plug the power cord of the space heater. If the plugs fit loosely into receptacles, they may slip partially or come out completely. Receptacles in this condition may overheat and burn the outlet. So, ensure you plug the power cord tightly. 

And thirdly, ensure the power cord of the heater has no signs of burn. If it’s at fault, you must replace the power cord. 

2. Heater May Reach The Desired Temperature Setting

Your space heater may be off or won’t turn on because it has reached the desired temperature setting. Regarding this, you must check the temperature setting and adjust the thermostat to resolve this issue. 

How To Fix: 

Once the desired temperature is reached, you must lower the thermostat. To do so, just turn the thermostat knob towards (-) to reduce temperature. 

3. Heater Is Dirty

The heater won’t work as intended if its intake grills get dirty. You must clean the Lasko Space Heater regularly if you want it to serve you like a charm. 

How To Fix: 

Before cleaning this space heater, ensure you unplug it from the electric outlet. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the lint and dirt from the heater’s surface. 

Of course, don’t forget to vacuum the intake grills. You must clean the intake grills every two weeks to maintain the optimum performance. 

What Causes My Lasko Space Heater To Shut Off Automatically?

When the heater heats excessively or an overheat temperature is reached, the heater will shut off automatically. 

This heater comes with a safety feature called thermal overload protector. It’s a built-in safety feature that cuts off electric supply to the unit and shuts the unit off to avoid potential fire hazards or electric shocks. 

To bring the heater into working condition, you must reset it. 

How Do I Reset Lasko Space Heater?

Unplug the space heater from the electric outlet and leave it for 10 minutes to let the heater cool down. Once the heater cools down, plug the unit into a 120V electrical outlet and turn on according to operational instructions. 

How To Turn On Lasko Heater: Operational Instructions

Follow the below instructions to turn on your Lasko Space Heater: 

1. Plug the power cord into a 120V electric outlet. Be sure that the power cord fits tightly into the outlet.

2. Turn the power knob to the desired setting: 

  • Set the knob to the Fan icon for fan only (no heat will be produced)
  • Set the power knob to 1 for low heat
  • Turn the knob to 2 for high heat 

3. For heater operation, set the thermostat knob to the highest setting. 

4. To turn off the unit, turn the power knob to 0 and unplug the power cord from the electric outlet. 

Note: When you plug the heater initially, the Power Light will come on. It indicates there is power to the heater. This light will keep lit until you detach the power cord from the outlet. 

How To Set Temperature On Lasko Space Heater?

To set temperature on the Lasko Space Heater, turn the Thermostat knob towards the (+) to increase the desired temperature. For reducing temperature, just rotate the Thermostat Knob towards the (-). 


Lasko Space Heater is reliable. But it won’t come on if you don’t plug the power cord into a 120V electric outlet or the outlet itself is at fault. Just fix this and you can turn on the heater again. 

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