Lasko Heater Keeps Shutting Off [Solved]

Lasko Heater keeps shutting off due to overheating (the thermal overload protector gets activated) or the tip-over switch gets activated. Turns out, the unit will keep shutting off when the heater gets dirty. 

Throughout this article, I will take you through each troubleshooting step and fix those culprits that cause the unit to keep shutting off. 

Here we go… 

1. Thermal Overload Protector Gets Activated

Every Lasko Space Heater comes with a built-in safety feature called thermal overload protector to prevent overheating. 

If an overheat temperature is reached, the thermal overload protector feature will get activated and turn off electric supply to the unit. As a result, it will not cause any fire hazards from the overheat. 

To resume the heater operation, you must reset the unit manually. 

How To Fix: 

Resetting the space water will help you deactivate the thermal overload protector feature. 

Regarding this, unplug the heater from the electric connection and wait 10 minutes for the unit to cool down. After the heater has cooled down, plug the power cord into a 120V electric outlet and turn on the heater. 

2. Tip Over Switch Gets Activated

Some models of Lasko Space Heater have a built-in tip over switch. This switch will shut off the unit or stop the heater operation if the unit somehow gets tipped over.  

How To Fix: 

If the heater gets tipped over, just pull it up and place it on a firm & solid surface so that it doesn’t fall over again. 

3. Dirty Space Heater

Does the heater run for several minutes and shut off repeatedly? If this is the issue you are experiencing, I bet the heater gets covered with dirt, lint, and debris. In this case, you must clean the heater to resolve the continuous shutting-off issue. 

How To Fix: 

To clean the Lasko Heater, get a vacuum handy with a brush attachment and vacuum up the lint and dirt from the surface of the heater. Also, vacuum the intake grills every two weeks, which will help maintain the optimum performance of the heater. 

Use a soft bristle brush to gently loosen up the dirt you fail to remove using your vacuum cleaner. 

Also, don’t forget to clean the body of the heater using a soft cloth. 

How Do You Reset A Lasko Heater?

To reset the Lasko Water Heater manually, unplug the unit from the electric outlet and leave the heater for 10 minutes to cool down. Once the heater cools down, plug the unit into a 120V electric outlet and turn on the heater according to the instructions mentioned in the manual. 


The reason why your Lasko Space Heater keeps shutting off is the unit contains dirt, lint, and debris. Just clean the heater thoroughly (its body and intake grills) and the problem will be solved.  

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