Vornado Heater Blowing Cold Air [How To Fix]

Vornado Heater Blowing Cold Air [How To Fix]

This guide on Vornado Heater Blowing Cold Air will describe:

  • 5 common reasons that cause the Vornado Heater to blow cold air
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Why Is My Vornado Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Vornado Heater won’t blow cold air due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Thermostat may not be set high enough
  • Dirty air inlets
  • Burnt-out heating element
  • Size up the room improperly
  • Malfunctioning heater

Now, let’s break down each of those culprits and resolve the heater issue. 

1. Thermostat May Not Be Set High Enough

This is the number 1 reason that’s why you are getting cold air out of your Vornado Heater. 

Vornado Heater is equipped with a thermostat control. If you set it to the lowest setting, it won’t warm your room according to your desire. 

How To Fix:

The fix for this issue is simple. Just set the thermostat to the highest setting and it will raise your room temperature. Regarding this, turn the thermostat control knob clockwise. 

2. Dirty Air Inlets

If the air inlets of the heater get restricted by accumulated dirt, dust, or lint, no air will flow through the heater. 

As a result, it will overheat the unit and activate the automatic safety shut-off system to turn off the heater automatically.  

And guess what, the unit will emit no hot air when the heater itself is at the shut-off mode. 

How To Fix: 

Before cleaning the heater, turn it off and unplug it from the electric power source. Grab your vacuum cleaner and attach a brush attachment on it. Then, clean the air inlets on the sides of the heater to remove accumulated dust. 

3. Burnt Out Heating Coil

Every room heater has an internal heating element or coil, which is responsible for producing heat. If the heating coil gets burnt, you will get no heat from your heater. In other words, the fan will only disperse cold air instead of circulating warm air. 

How To Fix: 

A burnt-out heating coil means you need a replacement of this component if you want to get heat from the heater. 

In this case, get a heating coil from the market and install it. Or, you may have a brand-new heater. 

4. Size Up The Room Improperly

If the heater is too small or large for the space you are going to warm, you will never gain the heat output you desire. 

For example, the heater will lose its efficiency and fail to warm your space if your room is larger than the capacity of your heater. 

How To Fix: 

Take a look at the user manual of the heater and see the heating capacity. Or, consult with a technician to size up your room to make the heater capable of heating the room efficiently. 

5. Malfunctioning Unit

If you get cold air out of your space heater after resolving all the mentioned steps, I bet the heater is at fault. 

You can easily verify it by turning the temperature knob to the highest setting. If the unit doesn’t produce any heat, understand the heater gets defective. 

How To Fix: 

Cease usage and unplug the heater from the outlet first if the heater doesn’t work. Then, call Vornado Customer Service for further assistance. 


Vornado Heater is reliable and efficient for heating a whole room. However, it may not work or blow cold air if you don’t set the thermostat to a higher setting or its air inlets get clogged. 

If you follow the troubleshooting steps I mentioned, you can easily bring the unit into working status. 

But if you fail to resolve this issue by walking through those steps, it will be best to contact Customer Service or a qualified technician. 

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