No Heat From Pelonis Heater

No Heat From Pelonis Heater

You will get no heat from Pelonis Heater because of a bad outlet, damaged power cord, tripped thermal fuse, defective control board, or due to an activation of a safety feature. 

Throughout this article, I will break down those culprits. So, keep reading and discover the solutions. 

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No Heat From Pelonis Heater [6 Reasons & Solutions]

The following culprits are responsible for the heater to not produce any heater:

1. No Power At The Outlet

Any appliance like Pelonis Heater needs an electric supply to turn on and emit heat to make your space toasty. If the power supply to the unit gets interrupted due to a bad outlet, the heater will fail to generate heat. 

Generally, electric outlets can go bad due to a variety of reasons, including aging, wiring problems, overloaded outlets, and damage to the outlet. 

How To Fix: 

Whether the outlet you used to power on your heater is bad or not, you can easily verify by plugging another appliance to that outlet. 

For example, unplug your space heater and plug your smartphone’s charger. If it doesn’t start charging the phone, I bet the outlet is at fault. 

Call a certified electrician to repair the outlet or use another outlet for the heater to juice up. 

2. Damaged Power Cord

The next culprit could be the power cord of your space heater. If it gets chewed by rats or damaged for any reason, no power will go through it to the heater. As a result, you will get no heat from your Pelonis Heater. 

How To Fix: 

Check the cord over for any visual damage. If you observe any damage, don’t hesitate to replace the power cord. The best suggestion I can give is to call the Pelonis Support Team for further assistance. 

3. Tripped Thermal Fuse

Every space heater is equipped with a safety feature called high-limit temperature switch or thermal fuse. 

When the internal temperature of the unit exceeds the normal room temperature, it will trip and cut off electric supply to the unit. 

As a result, no heat will come from the unit.

How To Fix: 

Dismantle the heater and locate the thermal fuse in the heater. 

Generally, you can find it bolted directly on the heating element near the three pin connection. Reset it or replace the thermal fuse if it gets bad to bring the unit into working condition. 

However, it will be best to contact a certified technician to repair or replace the thermal fuse if you’re not technically inclined. 

4. Faulty Control Board

If you can’t find anything like I mentioned above, I bet there is an internal problem with the control on your heater. 

How To Fix: 

Just replace the control board and resolve this problem. But the heck is- this is not a DIY project. Get your space heater to your local appliance repair store and have it checked there. 

5. One of Its Safety Features Get Activated

Like other space heater brands, Pelonis Heater is equipped with safety features like: 

  • Tip-Over Switch: If your heater knocks over accidentally, the internal switch will automatically shut off the heater to avoid possible hazards. 
  • Thermal Fuse or high-limit temperature switch: This will cut off electric supply to the heater and turn off the unit in the event of overheating.

How To Fix: 

Always place your space heater on a firm and level surface so that it doesn’t knock over. Secondly, maintain the routine maintenance workflow like cleaning the filter or heater’s body with a vacuum cleaner.

6. You May Set the Power Control Knob to Fan only Position

If you set the power control knob to Fan position, it will turn on the fan only and generate no heat. 

How To Fix:

Just set the power control knob to the Heat setting. It will turn on the Fan and the internal unit of the unit keeps producing heat. 


I mentioned all the possible reasons and their solutions as well if your Pelonis heater produces no heat. Follow troubleshooting steps and bring your space heater back into working condition. Good Luck!

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