Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working

Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working

Lasko Heater Red Light is on but the unit isn’t working due to insufficient electric supply or the unit is going through some functional related problems. 

You can easily resolve this issue by making sure that the unit is receiving sufficient voltage. Then, reset the space heater to bring the unit back into working condition. 

Below, I will explain everything and walk you through the troubleshooting step if the unit won’t work though the power light is on. 

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Why Is My Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working?

The power (red) light is on but the heater is not working! It’s rare. Because the red illuminated light indicates there is power going to the unit. And the power light will remain lit until you unplug the heater from the electrical outlet. 

However, if there is power at the unit but the heater won’t work, I bet the heater is not getting sufficient voltage. 

Generally, you need to plug the water heater into a 120V electric outlet. If the outlet isn’t rated as recommended, it will not generate the proper amount of voltage your heater needs to function. 

Without sufficient voltage, the heater will not work though there is power at the unit. 

What To Do If The Red Light Of the Heater Is On But The Unit Isn’t Working?

Illuminated red light means the electric power is going to the unit but the voltage is inadequate. Generally, your space heater will get insufficient electric supply if you plug the unit into an improper rated outlet. 

Alternatively, the unit will get improper electric supply if you plug other electric appliances into the same outlet you used to power up the heater. 

To get the proper amount of electric supply, ensure the outlet you used to juice up the heater is properly grounded. 

Secondly, use a dedicated or separate electric outlet to power up your Lasko Heater only.  

Once you verify the unit is getting sufficient juice to power up, the next step you can take is to hard reset the unit. Hard resetting the unit will come into play when the heater is going through functional-related problems. 

To hard reset the unit, follow the below prescribed instructions: 

  • Turn the heater off by pressing the power knob.
  • Unplug the heater from the electric outlet and leave it for 10 minutes to cool down. 
  • After the heater has cooled down, plug the heater into a 120V electric outlet and turn on the unit, maintaining the instructions mentioned in the manual. It will reset the heater like a charm.  


Again, it’s rare if your Lasko Space Heater doesn’t work when the power light is on. It’s because the illuminated red light indicates there is power going to the heater. 

However, if the light is on but the heater is not heating, ensure the heater is getting adequate power supply. Lastly, reset the unit and I hope it will resolve the issue. 

Don’t hesitate to call a certified technician if the problem still persists. 

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