Honeywell Space Heater Keeps Turning Off

Why Does Honeywell Space Heater Keep Turning Off?

Honeywell Space Heater keeps turning or shutting off due to: 

  • Safety features get activated
  • You may use an extension cord to plug your heater
  • Dirty contacts or loose connection
  • Dust may have accumulated inside the unit
  • Defective thermostat
  • Fan may work improperly or it gets gummed up

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Honeywell Space Heater Keeps Turning Off [5+ Solutions]

This chapter will reveal all the reasons that cause the heater to turn off repeatedly. Besides, I will walk you through every troubleshooting step to resolve those issues. 

Here we go…

1. Safety Features Get Activated

If your space heater keeps shutting off, take a look at one of its safety features to see whether they get activated or not. 

Honeywell Space Heater comes with a number of safety features. For example, the 360 tip-over switch will turn off your heater automatically if you position the unit leanly or it gets tipped over. 

Turns out, when the tip-over switch doesn’t make a good contact, it could shut off your heater intermittently. 

Secondly, a high temperature safety sensor is what prevents overheating. If the unit gets too hot, this feature comes on and shuts off the heater to avoid burning. 

Thirdly, If your space heater operates at a higher than normal temperature, the unit has a thermal cut-off fuse which will come into play. It will cut off electric supply to the unit and shut off the heater permanently. 

How To Fix: 

First off, ensure you place your space heater on a firm and level surface. Next, verify the tip-over switch makes a good contact. If the switch is at fault, you must replace it with a new one. 

To see whether the switch goes bad or not, I recommend you push the switch a bit further for a while. Then, put on tape on the switch to verify if the issue reoccurs.

Secondly, the unit gets too hot and activates the high temperature safety sensor if there are obstructions in the heater. Regarding this, I recommend you disassemble the unit and clean the inside of it. 

Lastly, you must replace the space heater with a new one if the unit turns on the thermal cut-off fuse. 

2. You Use An Extension Cord To Plug The Unit

Plugging the space heater into an extension cord instead of a wall outlet will cause the unit to go off repeatedly. It’s because the current draw is too high for many household extension cords. 

As a result, the circuit breaker inside the unit will blow up and cause the heater to shut off. In the worst case, this could cause fires. 

How To Fix: 

The easy solution to this issue is to plug your space heater into a 12oV wall outlet. Of course, make sure the plug fits tightly in the outlet. If the plug doesn’t fit securely, reverse the plug or contact a qualified electrician. 

3. Dirty Contacts Or Loose Connection

There are a pair of contacts inside the space heater. If those contacts remain open or get dirty, the circuit breaker gets broken and no power will flow. As a result, your Honeywell Space Heaters goes to the shut-off mode. 

Besides, loose wire connections are responsible for the heater to go off as the electric supply gets interrupted. 

How To Fix: 

First, locate the contacts inside the heater. In this case, you must disassemble the unit and follow the wires attached to the circuit breaker. For better understanding, check out this video and find the contacts.

Once you locate those contacts, rub them with a soft cloth to remove the buildup on the contacts. Then, use a screwdriver to push the contacts to close them. 

Next, check for loose connections and tighten them up. If needed, hire a certified electrician or technician for help. 

4. Dust May Have Accumulated Inside The Heater

Lint, pet hair or general nastiness can cause the air filter or exhaust openings to clog. As a result, the unit gets overheated and activates the thermal fuse, which will shut off the unit.

How To Fix: 

Take the unit apart if you are mechanically or electrically inclined. Then, clean the air filter or exhaust opening to remove blockages. 

On the other hand, if you are not electrically inclined, verify all electric connections inside the unit are tight & secure. Then, unplug the heater and blow it with an air compressor to remove the dust accumulation. 

5. A Defective Thermostat

The Space heater from Honeywell has Thermostat Control that will help you adjust temperature. If it’s at fault or doesn’t work properly, it may shut off your space heater. 

Besides, the thermostat will continuously turn on and off your heater to maintain the selected temperature. And guess what, it’s completely normal and you don’t need to take any actions regarding this. 

How To Fix: 

If the thermostat control doesn’t work or gets defective, replace it with a new one. I suggest you trash the heater and get a new one if the thermostat goes bad. 

6. Fan May Work Improperly

Honeywell Space Heaters like 360 Surround have a built-in fan. It blows air and heat evenly throughout your room. If the fan gets gummed up with dust, it fails to blow air & heat. As a result, the unit goes to the off position. 

How To Fix: 

Clean the fan and ensure it spins freely. If it gets clogged, disassemble the unit and clean the fan. 


From the beginning to the end, I discussed what causes the Honeywell Space Heater to turn off constantly and what actions you need to take to solve this problem. Just step forward and follow the troubleshooting steps to bring the unit back into working conditions. 

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