Pelonis Heater Blinking Lights

Pelonis Heater Blinking Lights

This guide on Pelonis Heater Blinking Lights will describe: 

  • 3 types of blinking lights on Pelonis Heater and their disclose their meanings
  • How to reset Pelonis Heater?
  • FAQs
  • End-Note 

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Pelonis Heater Blinking Lights [3 Types of Them]

Pelonis Heater has three blinking lights, including: 

  • Power indicator light
  • Timer Function
  • Temp

Now, let’s know a bit of details about them. 

1. Power Indicator Light

Once you plug your heater into an electric outlet, the Power Indicator Light will illuminate. It indicates there is power at the unit and the light will keep blinking until you detach the power cord from the electric connection. 

2. Timer Function

Timer Light will only blink when you activate this mode. Below, I will describe the way you can set the timer to turn off or turn on the heater automatically. 

Setting the heater to turn-off automatically: 

  • You must turn on the unit at High or Low settings to set the unit  to turn off.
  • Press the timer button which will illuminate the timer setting pilot.
  • You can now see ‘o’ flashes on the digital screen. 
  • Keep pressing either the Up or the Down buttons to set the auto shut-off time within 12 hours. 

Once you set the timer, the timer indicator will appear on the digital screen. You can check the remaining time of the timer by pressing the Timer button. 

Setting the heater to turn-on automatically: 

  • Turning off the unit is a must if you want to set the heater to turn on.
  • Press the Timer button and the timer setting pilot will illuminate. Now, you can observe ‘0’ flashes on the digital screen.
  • Press the Up or the Down button continuously to set the auto-on time within 12 hours. 

3. Temp

The blinking ‘temp’ light indicates your heater reaches the temperature you set it at. The heater will pause until the temperature is lower than required, then resume heating when needed. 

How To Reset A Pelonis Heater?

Resetting a Pelonis Heater is super simple. Follow the below three steps and have the unit reset successfully: 

  • Turn off your Pelonis Heater and unplug it from its power source aka electric outlet. 
  • Leave your heater for 15 minutes to let it cool down completely.
  • Once the time flies away, plug it into an outlet again and turn on the heater. 


How long can you keep a Pelonis heater on?

Any modern heater, whether it’s from Pelonis or other brands, you can run it for 10+ hours. However, I highly suggest you check the documentation that comes with your heater to see what it recommends regarding this. 

Modern heaters feature a number of safety mechanisms that will turn off the unit automatically if the heater gets too hot or it knocks over accidentally. 

How long does it take for a Pelonis heater to heat up?

It will take at least 10 to 15 minutes for a Pelonis Heater to heat up a room fully. 

What is Pelonis Eco Mode?

The Eco Mode on Pelonis Heater will automatically select the working setting to maintain the desired temperature by comparing the room temperature and the setting temperature. 

Is it OK to turn on Eco mode all the time?

Yes, you can turn on the Eco mode all the time on your heater to maintain the room temperature. 


Blinking lights like Power indicator light, timer, and temp on Pelonis Heater is a helpful addition. It helps you to understand whether there is power at the unit or not, or if the room temperature reaches to the desired setting. I hope this guide will come handy for you. 

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