Lasko Heater Blowing Cold Air

Lasko Heater Blowing Cold Air [4 Easy Solutions]

This guide on Lasko Heater Blowing Cold Air will shed light into those culprits that cause the heater to blow cold air, including: 

  • Heater may not be set or positioned in an enclosed area
  • Clogged air filter  
  • Improper thermostat setting
  • Set the Power Knob to Fan Only mode

Now, let’s discover the solutions to those problems and make the heater ready to warm up your room. 

Table of Contents

1. Heater May Not Be Set In An Enclosed Area

Space heaters like Lasko are specially designed to blow hot air to heat enclosed areas.[1]  If you set up the heater in an open area and outside air comes into the home, the heater fails to warm up the area.   

How To Fix: 

I recommend you set the space heater in a confined area like the space around a desk or a chair. Take your eyes around your room and decide where you place the heater to get the most out of it. Select an area that you can close off by doors to trap the heat. 

2. Air Filter Gets Clogged

Air blows from the air filter can be felt cold if the air filter gets clogged by dirt, debris, and lint. You must clean the air filter every two weeks to maintain the optimum performance of the heater. The ‘How To Fix’ section will help walk you through the step-by-step procedure to clean the air filter. 

How To Fix: 

To clean the air filter, follow the below instructions: 

1. Locate the air filter at the front of the heater and push the tab in. Then, take out the filter cover from the front of the heater. 

Push the tab in and remove the filter cover

2. Vacuum the intake grills with a brush attachment to get rid of lint & debris. 

Vacuum up the intake grills

3. Use a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush to brush up the filter gently that will help you remove the dirt that can’t be removed by the vacuum.  

Get rid of the remaining lint by using a toothbrush

4. Once you clean the air filter, replace the filter cover back into place. 

3. Improper Thermostat Setting

You must set the thermostat above the room temperature to get warm air from the heater. If you adjust the thermostat improperly, the heater will blow cold air instead of warm air. 

Adjusting the thermostat properly will allow the heater to blow warm air. And the below section will show you the correct way of thermostat adjustment. 

How To Fix: 

Go along with the following instructions to adjust the thermostat correctly: 

  • First off, let the space heater warm up the room before setting the thermostat.
  • Now, adjust the thermostat by turning the Thermostat Knob towards (+) to increase the desired temperature. To reduce the desired temperature, turn the Thermostat Knob towards (-). 

4. May Set The Power Knob To Fan Only

Lasko Heater has different heat settings, including: 

  • Fan Only (No Heat) 
  • (1) for Low Heat
  • (2) for High Heat 

If you choose the ‘Fan Only’ heating mode, the heater will only blow cold air. 

How To Fix: 

Set the Power Knob to the High Heat mode to warm up your room. For heater operation, what you need to do is- just turn the Thermostat Knob to the highest setting. Hope you will get hot or warm air out of your space heater. 


Lasko Heater will blow cold air if you don’t set it in an enclosed area or the air filter gets dirty. Turns out, setting the thermostat improperly could also cause the heater to blow cold air.  

Fortunately, you can easily resolve this issue by positioning the heater in a confined area. Next, check the air filter and ensure there is no blockage. Also, make sure you set up the thermostat properly and set the Power knob to the highest setting. 

Happy Plumbing! 

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