Vornado Heater Won't Turn On [6 Easy Solutions]

Vornado Heater Won’t Turn On [6 Easy Solutions]

This guide on Vornado Heater Won’t Turn On will walk you through: 

  • 6 common reasons that cause the unit to not turn on
  • How to turn on a Vornado Heater?
  • End-Note

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Vornado Heater Won’t Turn On [6 Easy Solutions]

Vornado Heater won’t turn on if: 

  • The unit isn’t plugged in
  • Circuit breaker or the fuse gets tripped
  • Tripped GFCI
  • Unit gets overheated
  • A tripped tip-over switch
  • Defective unit

Now, it’s time to discover the proper ways to resolve those issues to bring the heater back into working condition. 

1. You May Not Plug The Power Cord

Without an electric supply, you can’t power on your room heater. So, how can you expect electric power to your unit when the power cord remains unplugged? 

How To Fix: 

Check the power cord and ensure you plug it into a dedicated electrical outlet. If there is power to the heater, the indicator light on the heater will illuminate. 

2. Circuit Breaker Or the Fuse Gets Blown Out

It’s impossible for you to turn on your Vornado Heater if the circuit breaker for the unit gets tripped. 

Several reasons include: 

  • Overloading the circuit
  • Short circuits
  • Ground fault surges

Are responsible for a tripped circuit breaker.

How To Fix: 

Go to the circuit panel of your home and check the circuit breaker for the room heater. If it gets tripped, reset it by flipping it to the Up position. Don’t hesitate to call a certified electrician if the circuit breaker keeps tripping. 

3. Tripped GFCI

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are not recommended for use. If the GFCI gets tripped, the electric supply to the heater will be cut off. As a result, you can’t turn on the unit.

How To Fix: 

Relocate the unit to a standard wall outlet as I don’t recommend you install the heater on GFCI. If needed, get help from a verified electrician to do this task for you. 

4. Unit Gets Overheated

Overheating is another reason that prevents the unit from turning on. Let me explain it a little bit. 

Like other electric space heaters, the Vornado Heater is also equipped with a safety feature called an auto shut-off system. When the unit gets overheated, it will activate that feature and cut off the electric supply to the unit. 

Now, you may ask- what causes the room heater to overheat? 

Clogged air inlets, dirty air filters, or restrictions in the heater are responsible for an overheated unit. 

How To Fix: 

For a short-term solution, you can reset the unit to resolve the overheating issue. 

To reset the unit, turn off the unit and unplug it from the power source. Then, clear any restrictions from the heater and leave the unit for 5-10 minutes. Afterward, plug the heater again and turn it on. 

But the best bait is to find out the key reasons behind overheating and resolve them. For example, clean the air inlets, remove blockage, or vacuum off dust from the air filters. 

You can check this article on Vornado Heater Not Working to learn how to clean air inlets or remove dirt from the unit. 

5. Tip-Over Switch Gets Activated

If you place your heater on an uneven surface or position it leanly, the tip-over switch will get tripped. And a tripped tip-over switch means no electric supply will go through the heater. 

How To Fix: 

Place your space heater on a firm and level surface. Always, operate the heater by placing it in the Upright position. 

6. Defective Unit

If the heater issue still persists, I bet the heater goes bad. You can easily determine it by turning the temperature control knob clockwise. The heater will be at fault if it produces no heat even though you set the thermostat to its highest setting. 

How To Fix:

Stop using the heater and unplug it from the outlet. Then, call the Support Team for further assistance. 

How To Turn On A Vornado Heater?

Go along with the following steps to turn on your Vornado Heater: 

  • Place the heater on a level and hard surface. If needed, grab the integrated handle on the back of the heater to move or lift the unit.
  • Position the unit in a way so that the airflow doesn’t get restricted.
  • Plug the power cord of the unit into a properly grounded wall outlet.
  • Press the power button and the red light will illuminate. It indicates there is power in the unit.
  • Turn the thermostat knob clockwise to the highest setting. When the room reaches your desired comfort level, turn the knob counterclockwise until the unit cycles off.


A Vornado Heater that won’t turn on can be a disappointment in the ice-cold days of winter. However, you can easily fix this issue by following proper troubleshooting steps (I already mentioned them). 

Of course, prefer the safety instructions first during the process. Don’t feel sorry to contact the Vornado Support Team if the issue seems complex. 

Good Luck!

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