Vornado Heater Troubleshooting

Vornado Heater Troubleshooting

This guide on Vornado Heater Troubleshooting will describe:

  • 3 key reasons that prevent your Vornado Heater from working properly
  • How to clean a Vornado Heater?
  • FAQs
  • End-Note

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Vornado Heater Troubleshooting [3 Reasons & Solutions]

Vornado Heater stops working or won’t work if: 

  • The unit fails to power on
  • The heater isn’t producing a sufficient amount of heat
  • The heater is powered on but there is no heat

Now, let’s break down each of the culprits. 

1. Heater Fails to Power On

It happens due to one of the following reasons:

  • You may forget to plug the space heater into an outlet.
  • The household circuit breaker gets tripped or the fuse gets blown out
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) gets tripped 
  • Unit gets overheated 
  • Tip-over switch may be initiated 
  • Unit is damaged or in need of repair

How To Fix: 

First off, ensure you plug the power cord of the heater into a 120V electric outlet. 

Second, go to your home’s circuit panel and check the circuit breaker for the space heater. If it gets tripped, just reset that certain breaker by flipping it up. Or, replace the fuse (if installed). 

Third, I don’t recommend you use GFCI. If it gets tripped, relocate the unit to a standard wall outlet. 

Fourth, in the event of overheating, resetting your Vornado Heater will be a simple fix. But the best bait is to find out the reasons behind overheating. 

In most cases, obstruction in the heater or a clogged air filter is responsible for overheating. The ‘How To Clean Vornado Heater’ will walk you through the step-by-step procedure to clean the unit like a pro. 

Fifth, ensure the tip-over switch doesn’t get engaged. To avoid the activation of this switch, place the unit on a firm and level surface. 

If you fail to power on your heater after trying every remedy, it’s time to stop using your heater. Unplug the unit and call Vornado Customer Service for further assistance. 

2. Heater Doesn’t Produce Sufficient Amount Of Heat

It doesn’t matter what brand of heater you have, a space heater takes time to circulate the heater throughout a room. 

However, if you don’t get enough heat from the unit, I bet you don’t set the heater to High Heat… 

Or, the thermostat setting you set is very low. 

Turns out, your space heater fails to circulate the heat fully if your room’s doors and windows remain open. 

How To Fix: 

To get sufficient heat output from the heater, set the heater to High Heat and set the thermostat to the highest setting. 

Keep in mind, that you must close the doors and windows of the room so that the heat won’t escape. 

And finally, allow the heater to circulate the heater thoroughly which may take several minutes (7-10). 

3. Unit Is Powered On But There Is No Heat

Get no heat out of your space heater despite having power on the unit. If this is an issue you are going through, understand the cylindrical plunger on the bottom of the unit gets stuck… 

Turns out, a damaged heater can prevent the unit from producing heat though there is power at the heater. 

How To Fix: 

Press the power button to turn off the unit and unplug the heater. Then, locate the cylindrical plunger on the bottom of the unit and keep pushing it for about 4-5 minutes to ensure it doesn’t get stuck. 

Next, place the heater on a firm and flat surface and ensure the power cord isn’t under the heater. Afterward, plug the heater in, turn on the heater, and set it to the highest heat setting.  

If the unit produces heat, wait until the room has reached the desired temperature. Then, set the temperature control knob counterclockwise until the heater stops heating.

Now, the unit will re-engage once the temperature falls below the set point. If not, the heater may be damaged or it requires repair. 

Regarding this, stop using the space heater and unplug it from the power source. Then, call the Support Team for further assistance. 

How To Clean A Vornado Heater?

Regular cleaning is a must as the heater moves a substantial amount of air. Every week clean the outside of the heater. To clean your Vornado Heater, follow the below step-by-step guidelines: 

  1. Unplug your space heater from the electric outlet before proceeding to clean.
  1. Vacuum out any accumulated dirt and dust from the Front Outlet Grille by attaching a brush attachment on your household vacuum cleaner. 
  1. Don’t forget to wipe off the accumulated debris from the Air Inlets on the sides of the heater. 
  1. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the entire heater. 

Note: I recommend you blow out the heater with a pressurized air compressor to clean accumulated dust from the heating element and the motor of your Vornado Heater. It doesn’t only prevent the unit from overheating but also eliminates unwanted odors. 


What does the red light indicate on the Vornado Heater?

The red light indicator on your Vornado Heater indicates there is power at the unit. 

What are the 3 heat settings on a Vornado heater?

The 3 heat settings on a Vornado Heater are Low, Medium, and High. 

How do I get my Vornado Heater to work?

To bring your Vornado Heater back into working condition, go along with the following steps: 
1. Position the heater on a firm and flat surface and ensure the airflow doesn’t get obstructed.
2. Plug the power cord of your space heater into a standard grounded wall outlet. 
3. Press the power button and select Mode and you will see the Red light come on which indicates there is power at the unit. Then, turn the Thermostat to the highest setting by turning clockwise. When your room reaches the comfort level, turn the thermostat slowly counterclockwise until the heat cycles off. 


Vornado Heater is a reliable device to make the ice-cold room toasty. But with time, it may stop functioning like other electric appliances. And this guide on Vornado Heater Troubleshooting broke down every common problem you may encounter. So, keep this guide on your browser so that you can get it when you need it most. 

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