Vornado Heater Not Working

Vornado Heater Not Working

This guide on Vornado Heater Not Working will break down: 

  • 5 possible reasons that cause the heater to not work properly
  • How to reset the Vornado Heater?
  • End-Note

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Why Is My Vornado Heater Not Working?

Vornado Heater won’t work due to electric issues, overheated unit, clogged air inlets, dirty heating element, or defective unit. 

1. Electric Issues

Your Vornado Heater won’t work if you don’t plug it into an electric outlet. Apart from this, electric issues like: 

  • The electric outlet you used to power your heater is at fault
  • Household circuit breaker gets tripped or blown fuse
  • GFCI has tripped

Are responsible for the heater to not work at all. 

How To Fix: 

First off, ensure you plug the power cord of the heater into an electric outlet. Second, verify that the outlet you used to power the heater is working. 

Regarding this, plug the smartphone charger into that outlet and see if it’s charging the device. If not, repair the outlet or use another outlet to juice up your heater. 

Next, go to your household circuit breaker panel and ensure the breaker for the heater doesn’t get tripped. If needed, reset the breaker by flipping it up. 

Or, replace the fuse if you used this to install your space heater. 

Nonetheless, check the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and make sure it’s not tripped. But the best bait is to relocate the GFCI unit to a standard wall outlet. 

2. The Unit Gets Overheated

The heater gets overheated because of a blockage in the unit. 

For example, if the front outlet grille and the air inlets on the sides of the heater get restricted, your heater will become overheated.

As a result, it will activate the automatic safety shut-off system and turn off the unit. 

How To Fix: 

In the event of overheating, you should reset the heater manually to bring the heater back into working condition. 

But the best solution is to remove the blockage from the heater like from air inlets and the front outlet grille. The next chapter will help you clean the dirty air inlets. So, keep reading. 

3. Air Inlets Get Clogged

If air inlets of the heater get restricted by dust or lint buildup, the heater won’t work due to overheating. Let me break it down a bit. 

Through the air inlets, the heater draws air and keeps the internal components cool. When those inlets get clogged, air can’t move through the unit.

As a result, the internal temperature exceeds the safety level and activates the auto shut-off system.

How To Fix: 

Simple! Clean the air inlets with a vacuum cleaner. Before proceeding to clean the heater, turn off the heater and unplug it. 

Next, attach a brush attachment on your household vacuum cleaner and wipe off the dust from the air inlets on the sides of the heater. 

Once you clean the air inlets optimally, plug the heater in and turn it on to see whether it warms your room or not. 

4. Dust Buildup On the Heating Element and motor

As the heater moves air, there may be dust, hair, and debris on the heating element and the motor inside the unit. Due to this accumulated dirt, the unit will get overheated and cause the unit to turn off. 

How To Fix: 

I highly recommend you blow out the heating element and motor with pressurized air to keep those components clear of dust, hair, and lint. In other words, use an air compressor to clean the heating element and motor. 

5. Damaged Unit

If you fail to resolve your heater problem after going through all the troubleshooting steps, understand the unit itself is at fault. Or, the heater may be damaged if the heater doesn’t produce heat after turning the temperature knob to the highest setting. 

How To Fix: 

There is no quick fix for this issue. What you need to do now is- stop using the heater and unplug the unit. Then, contact Customer Service for further assistance. 

How To Reset Vornado Heater?

Turn off the heater and unplug it from the electric outlet. Then, clean the obstructions from the heater.

Afterward, leave the unit for 5-10 minutes to let the heater cool down. Then, plug the heater into the outlet and turn it on. Now, the heater should work normally. 


It’s frustrating if the Vornado Heater isn’t working. But you can resolve this issue by going through troubleshooting steps and taking proper maintenance. 

You can easily bring back the heater to full functionality by checking the power source and maintaining routine maintenance. 

If the heater problem still persists, I highly recommend you contact the Vornado Support Team for further assistance. 

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