Pelonis Heater Not Working

Pelonis Heater Not Working

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  • 7 possible reasons behind a non-functioning heater
  • How do I get my Pelonis Heater work?
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Why Is My Pelonis Heater Not Working? [7 Reasons & Solutions]

Pelonis Heater won’t work if:

  • Circuit breaker or the fuse malfunctioning
  • Obstruction in the heater
  • Bad electric outlet
  • Internal high-limit switch gets activated
  • Bad thermal fuse
  • Faulty tip-over switch
  • Tip-over switch is activated

1. Circuit Breaker or The Fuse Not Working Properly

If the circuit breaker for your heater goes bad, the unit will get no electric power. And without power, your Pelonis Heater won’t work at all. The circuit breaker gets tripped because of one these reasons: 

  • Overloaded circuit
  • Power surges and spikes
  • A short in the circuit
  • Conduit systems having grounded wires

To learn details about these, read this guide on Mister Sparky. 

On other hand, don’t hesitate to check the fuse you used to install your heater. If it gets tripped, the heater won’t function. 

How To Fix: 

Go to your home’s circuit panel and ensure the circuit breaker for your space heater doesn’t get tripped.  If it’s in the down position, just reset the breaker by flipping it up. But the best bait is to contact a certified electrician if you are not electrically inclined.

2. Obstruction In The Heater

Any blockage in the heater can cause the unit to not work. For example, if the filter of the heater gets dirty, it fails to process the air. As a result, the internal components of the heater get overheated, which shuts the unit off completely. 

How To Fix: 

Turn your heater off if you find any obstruction in the heater. Unplug the space heater and leave it for a few minutes to let it cool down. Carefully remove the obstructions. Afterward, plug the heater back into the electric outlet and turn it on by following the instructions in the manual. 

3. Bad Electric Outlet

A defective electric outlet is another caveat that prevents the heater from powering on. You can easily determine if the outlet is at fault. 

Just plug another appliance into the outlet you used to turn on the heater. If the appliance doesn’t come on, understand the outlet is bad. 

How To Fix: 

Use another outlet for your space heater. Or, call an electrician to make the existing outlet functional. 

4. Internal High limit Switch Gets Activated

This unit is equipped with an internal high-limit switch. It prevents the unit from operating when the internal temperature exceeds normal operating temperatures. 

How To Fix: 

By resetting your heater, you can bring the space heater back into working condition. To reset: 

  • Turn off the unit.
  • Unplug the heater and leave it for 10 minutes to let it cool down.
  • Plug the heater in and turn it on. 

5. Bad Thermal Fuse

Every space heater from Pelonis is equipped with a thermal fuse that will open permanently if overheat condition occurs. If it gets blown out or defective, the heater will not work. 

How To Fix: 

Replacing the thermal fuse will bring the heater back into functioning condition. To replace this component, you need to locate it first. Based on heater models, it may be located in different places. 

However, on most space heaters’, it’s bolted directly on the heating element near the three pin connection. 

This is where thermal fuse located in most Pelonis Heater

But a few models are completely different.  For example, this Pelonis heater has a thermal fuse which is located in the black tubing in the blue wire. 

thermal fuse location in a Pelonis Oil-filled Space Heater

Just disconnect the thermal fuse from there and replace it with a new one. If you are not electrically inclined, contact the Pelonis Support Team or a certified technician for further assistance. 

6. Faulty Tip-Over Switch

Tip-Over switch is a safety device. If this switch doesn’t make any contact or it goes bad, it may remain in the Off position. As a result, the heater won’t heat anymore. 

How To Fix: 

Inspect the tip-over switch for blockage. If there is any obstruction, clear it. Now, turn it to the Off position and turn on the heater. If the heater doesn’t come on, replace the tip-over switch with a new one. 

7. Tip-Over Switch Gets Activated

If you position the heater leanly or the unit knocks over accidentally, the heater will shut off automatically to prevent possible fire hazards. 

How To Fix: 

Just place your heater on a firm and level space so that it can’t knock over accidentally. 

How Do I Get My Pelonis Heater To Work?

The following steps will help you get your heater to work or turn on like a champ: 

  • Keep your heater on a firm and level surface free from obstructions. Of course, keep the heater at least 3 feet away from any wall and combustible materials.
  • Ensure you set the Power & Setting Control (B) in the off position. Then, plug your heater into a properly grounded 120V outlet. Always operate your space heater in the upright position. 
  • To turn on your heater, turn the Power and Setting Control (B) to Heat position and the fan and the heater inside will both work. The power indicator light (A) will also illuminate, indicating the unit is turned on successfully. 


Your Pelonis Heater is not beyond malfunction. Overtime, it will stop working because of a tripped circuit board, obstructions, bad electric outlet, and blown out thermal fuse. 

Just discover the reasons (I mentioned above) that cause the unit to not work and resolve the issue.

For further assistance (if you’re not electrically inclined), call a certified technician or contact Pelonis Support Team. 

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