Vornado heater fan not working

Why Is My Vornado Heater Fan Not Working?

This guide on Vornado Heater Fan Not Working will break down 5 common reasons that prevent the fan from spinning freely. So, keep scrolling till the end.

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Vornado Heater Fan Not Working [5 Reasons & Solutions]

Vornado Heater Fan won’t work or spin if there is a problem with motor bushing lubrication or the encasement gets a bit tilted. Besides, a clogged fan motor, a defective unit, and an issue with the power supply are responsible for a malfunctioning heater fan. 

And this chapter will break down all of those issues. 

1. Problem With Motor Bushing Lubrication

The Vornado Heater fan won’t spin freely or it fails completely due to a problem with motor bushing lubrication. 

A motor bushing is a brass bearing, which is porous and will hold oil and allow the motor rotor shaft to spin freely. If there is a lubrication problem by default, the fan won’t work due to an uncoated motor bushing. 

How To Fix: 

You must lubricate the motor bushing to let it spin freely. Regarding this, disassemble the unit first (you must detach the unit during the process). 

Then, locate the fan motor and dismantle it as well. Now, set the bushings in a cup of light machine oil to let the porous brass soak up the oil. 

Finally, assemble the fan motor as well as the unit and turn on the heater to verify the fan is working. 

If you are not handy, call the Vornado Customer Service for further assistance. 

2. Encasement Gets A Bit Tilted

Earlier in this article, I talked about motor bushings. Those bushings are installed in a floating encasement. If the encasement gets a bit tilted, it will cause the motor rotor shaft to bind.  

As a result, it will cause poor performance or bring a complete failure to the fan operation. 

How To Fix: 

Again, you need to disassemble the unit and the fan motor to access the motor encasement. Then, pull it with a screwdriver to straighten up the encasement. But the best bait is to call a verified technician to let him handle this. 

3. Fan Motor Gets Clogged

Dirt, debris, and hair can easily get into the fan motor and cause it to get restricted. And you know a restricted fan motor prevents the fan from spinning freely. 

How To Fix: 

I recommend you use pressurized air like an air compressor to blow out the accumulated dirt, debris, and lint from the heating element and the fan motor.

4. Defective Unit

If the heater fan still doesn’t work or spins after trying all the methods I mentioned, the problem could be the unit itself. If the heater gets defective, the fan won’t come on.

You can detect the problem by raising the thermostat control to the highest setting. If the heater produces no heat, understand the heater is at fault. Cease usage and unplug it from the outlet. Then, contact the Vornado Customer Service to get help. 

5. Power Supply Issue

Power supply issues can be the source of your heater’s fan problem. If the unit gets insufficient power or receives no power at all, the heater will not work as well as the fan. Here power supply issues mean: 

  • Bad outlet
  • Tripped circuit breaker or blown out fuse
  • Loose wire connection

I recommend you read this article on Vornado Heater Won’t Turn On to discover the solutions to those problems. 



A Vornado Heater that has a malfunctioning fan can disrupt your comfort level in the colder months. If the fan doesn’t work, it fails to circulate the warm air evenly. 

Fortunately, you can easily resolve this issue by following the troubleshooting steps one by one. Don’t forget to take safety precautions during the process. 

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